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Blog Banter 24: In Real Life

This month’s Banter topic comes to us from the ever helpful Eelis Kiy, capsuleer behind the “Where the frack is my ship“ blog. She asks: How does your real life personality compare to who you are as a character in EVE? Does a good leader of people in the real world make a good leader of pilots in game? Or vice-versa? Do your real-life skills help you with the roles you fulfill in your corporation or alliance? Or do you behave completely differently? Does the anonymity of the Internet allow you to thrive on the tears of others in New Eden whilst you work as a Good Samaritan away from your keyboard? Or are you as mean outside of your pod as you are inside it? Have experiences in EVE Online affected your behavior, skills or attitudes outside of the game?

The blog banter essentially echoes the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in asking, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” However, there are a lot of questions being asked so I will answer them individually.

How does your real life personality compare to who you are as a character in EVE?

As would be expected, there are quite a few similarities between my real life persona and my in game persona.

Analytical – In game, I pore over ship fittings, game mechanics, and battles. I spend far more time reading and theorizing about Eve than I actually play it.

Frugal – I dislike wasting ISK. I always pinch pennies, buying the cheapest modules for my ship (most of my ships are not even rigged) and flying inexpensive ships (the only faction ship I fly is the Slicer, which costs 20 million). I also hate seeing wrecks go unsalvaged, a trait that my corp mates often tease me about.

Quiet – I do not talk much unless I have a good reason to. One of the byproducts of this is that sometimes my corp mates will constantly say “Hi Sage” on Vent until I say something.

Competitive – I do not play to lose. If I am poor at flying a particular ship, I will switch to something I am better at. If I lose a fight due to my own mistakes, I will berate myself and resolve to do better.

Loyal – I value loyalty and trust as much in game as out of game. That is the reason why, during my two years in Eve, I have only switched corporations twice (once because the CEO was abusing his power and once because my corp did not PvP much).

Despite the similarities, there are also some differences.

Pen Fifteen Club – Being a member of the Python Cartel and a valiant Defender of Pen isLand, I sing of the virtues of certain male parts. In real life, this is not the case.

Smack talk – It is well know that smack talk is an art perfected by the Python Cartel (what other corporation comes back from roams with half its members gagged by GMs?). I often smack talk opponents in local, often accusing them of having small genitalia and equally small brains and courage. In real life, most of my friends consider me to be a nice, caring guy (which I really am, honest!).

Does a good leader of people in the real world make a good leader of pilots in game?

Although I do not have a leadership position in game (aside from managing the Tweetfleet) due to not playing frequently enough and having poor internet, I believe that a good leader is effective both in and out of Eve.

Does the anonymity of the Internet allow you to thrive on the tears of others in New Eden whilst a Good Samaritan away from your keyboard?

I commented earlier in this post about how I smack in game but am nicer out of game, so initially it would appear that I indeed “thrive on the tears of others in New Eden whilst a Good Samaritan away from the keyboard.” But I do not believe this is the case. Schadenfreude is not one of my traits. I smack for fun, not tears. And I PvP for fun, not tears. Things like can baiting, ninja salvaging, and neutral RR do not appeal to me. Many times after killing a new player I will convo them to teach them about Eve, lowsec, and PvP and give them ISK to buy a better ship.

Additionally, the anonymity of the Internet is not something I take advantage of. As stated earlier, I value loyalty and trust. I have never ‘Pythoned’ anyone (invite a newb to fleet, warp to them, and kill them). I have never used aggression mechanics to kill people in highsec. I have never scammed or stolen. Of course, I am not judging people who engage in such activities; I merely do not do them myself.

Have experiences in EVE Online affected your behavior, skills or attitudes outside of the game?

To the best of my knowledge, no. All the similarities I listed were already present out of game, and the differences obviously are not present out of game (otherwise they would be similarities, not differences).

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      1v1 Extravaganza

      The past few days, I have had quite a few 1v1s, enough to start my own CDM.

      Rematch: Sage vs. Chainer

      It all started when Chainer Cygnus brazenly insulted me in the Eve Bloggers channel:

      Chainer Cygnus > Kucian, don’t listen to Sage, he’s a pansy and fails at walking down stairs. :P j/k
      00sage00 > D:

      He insulted my pansy-hood. He insulted my legs. He even insulted the stairs. So I challenged him to a 1v1. Chainer set the rules of the 1v1 to be cruisers with no ECM, with the winner giving his ship to the loser. We agreed to meet inside his wspace system, Blue Lagoon. This was the fit I used (the neut is placed in the middle of the guns to allow me to overheat longer):

      [Vexor, Imma Ragequite Nao]
      Damage Control II
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
      1600mm Reinforced Crystalline Carbonide Plates I

      ‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I
      10MN MicroWarpdrive I
      ‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I

      Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
      Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
      5W Infectious Power System Malfunction
      Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
      Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S

      Valkyrie II x5
      Hammerhead II x5

      Total fitting cost was 8 mil. Right before the fight, Chainer revealed that his Caracal costed 45 mil, and was surprised by how much of a cheapskate I was:

      Chainer Cygnus > If you win, I might have to take a break from EVE :P
      Chainer Cygnus > Ragequit and all that if you will

      (Hence my Vexor’s name, “Imma Ragequit Nao”). Long story short, we met and I popped Chainer in around a minute. I was slightly saddened by the win, however. Instead of keeping his expensive ship, I returned to lowsec in a pod, 8 mil poorer.

      I Want To Fly A Rifter Again

      Not too long afterward the duel with Chainer, Nursultan (who I used to roam lowsec with) wanted to have a trimarked Rifter vs trimarked Punisher 1v1. Apparently he had heard about Spectre’s ignominious defeat and wanted to try his hand at it. The first fight was fairly close, but Nursultan eventually popped.

      He then worked some fitting magic and pwned my Rifter. The win was extremely convincing; I am definitely going to try out his fit sometime.

      Noobships Are Fun To Fly

      Halfway through my bouts with Nursultan, I jokingly asked for a noobship 1v1 in the Eve Bloggers channel. Prometheus09 responded, so I pulled up my saved fittings (yes, I take my Piloting Savviness Guide seriously – I even have fits for some noobships) and chose one.

      For the fight, Prometheus and I had both chosen Velators, except that his was armor tanked and mine was shield tanked. I won the first engagement with 50% armor left. However, Prometheus had forgotten to deploy his drones, so we had a rematch. He grabbed another ship and once again we began the dance of death. Prometheus popped first again, but his drones killed me less than a second later. Although winning is good, I frankly am very surprised that I won both 1v1s, as Prometheus has 3x the gunnery skills that I do (not to mention all the other skills he has). Perhaps someday we will have a rematch in a non-noob ship type.

      Fear The Maller

      The responses to my Maller Guide reinforce my assertion that many pilots underestimate the Maller (for example, see my Eve Forums post). And many who have seen my suggested fits may think, “What idiot would get in close to a ship like that?” It turns out, quite a few of them. Like this Wolf, or this nano Celestis, or this Pilgrim, or this second Wolf.

      Of course, I am not saying that the Maller is perfect or “the best”. Obviously, you need to choose targets carefully, but that is the case for any ship. I am simply arguing that the Maller can do far more than people think. And I am not forcing anyone to actually use it.

      Moar 1v1s?!

      Caels Caldanhai > FYI, I’m building a SageShrine just to make people go, “WTF?”
      00sage00 > wtf?
      Varnoka > hehe
      Caels Caldanhai > Exactly

      Apparently people like to try to kill me (I blame Nashh for starting all this :P); currently several other people want 1v1s with me. 1v1s are very fun, but the only thing I do not understand is why I win. Is it just the fittings I use? Or the piloting skill? Why is it that people with far more skill points still lose? I would appreciate it if someone could explain that to me…


      fightst4r is a scallywag.

      Just two days ago, I fought him in a rifter vs punisher battle. When he started losing, he called in his buddy to help: So then we had a rematch, this time a “true 1v1″.

      [ 2009.05.29 00:30:28 ] fightst4r > i do hope ur coming alone and actually in a punisher mate
      [ 2009.05.29 00:30:36 ] 00sage00 > heh yeah
      [ 2009.05.29 00:30:43 ] 00sage00 > i keep my word
      [ 2009.05.29 00:30:52 ] fightst4r > as does everyone else in eve
      [ 2009.05.29 00:31:02 ] 00sage00 > well, just stay docked then
      [ 2009.05.29 00:31:11 ] fightst4r > nay
      [ 2009.05.29 00:31:19 ] fightst4r > im safe dont worry
      [ 2009.05.29 00:31:36 ] fightst4r > ill fleet you up or summin
      [ 2009.05.29 00:32:29 ] 00sage00 > k
      [ 2009.05.29 00:33:29 ] fightst4r > and stay in fleet during
      [ 2009.05.29 00:33:38 ] 00sage00 > lol yeah

      I fought him again, this time I was in a Punisher. I foolishly believed he would be alone (when my mates asked what system the fight would be in, I refused to answer so I could uphold our agreement). When he hit 10% armor (he had just barely gotten through my shields), his friend warped in on us again. And started shooting him. Later I found out that, somehow, his friend had gotten our two Punishers confused. A mistake by his friend, but I personally I think he got what he deserved.

      And after even that, he wanted a rematch. A rematch? He’s gotta be kidding. We already had our rematch, and he showed that he was incompetent and untrustworthy.

      Overall I was disgusted by his actions (and what Ashnazg wrote here reinforces this), as I had thought that even pirates had some sense of honor. fightst4r can’t even win 1v1s on his own against players with less SP than him, in a ship fitted more cheaply than his.

      [ 2009.05.29 01:16:38 ] SE Lain > but we usually scam people into believing we are on a *fleet mission*
      [ 2009.05.29 01:16:43 ] SE Lain > then warp fleet em to a safe spot
      [ 2009.05.29 01:16:44 ] SE Lain > and kill em

      I can understand the urge for kills, but at the price of your own integrity? I’ve never crossed that line, and I never will.