Farewell Python

After 1 year, 4 months, and 2 days, I have left the Python Cartel.

Make no mistake, I did not leave because my love for Python has diminished in any way. I left because Python has died.

Let me explain. Members of the Python Cartel always joked, “PYTHON IS DYING!!!1!!1!” whenever someone left the corp. We laughed at Spectre’s frequent claims to be quitting. We even laughed when as the most active members of Python such as Andrea Skye and Golden Helmet quit playing because we thought the joke was still a joke. But as time passed and Python grew less and less active, the joke became less funny and more true.

Interestingly enough, CCP dealt the final blow to Python. Like many other players, Python members were upset by CCP’s handling of Incarna and microtransactions. But then CCP permabanned Helicity Boson for his role as a leader in the player mobs. Why was this significant for Python? Helicity was not a mere forum poster and founder of Hulkageddon. Helicity was the current Python CEO, and he was doing what Pythons do best: troll. That was the final straw for most of the remaining Python members, who promptly quit Eve.

So after a year and a half in one of Eve’s most venerable pirate corps, it is time to move on. Python activity is nonexistent and lowsec is dead. As a result, I will be joining a couple other Pythons in Invicta, a former pirate corp that is now part of Rooks and Kings. The change is long overdue. Living as a lowsec pirate was killing my desire to play Eve. One thing I am looking forward to is medium gang warfare, as I love flying logistics and Rooks and Kings has some of the best medium gangs in Eve.

Farewell, Python.

Hello Invicta.

  1. “lowsec is dead.”


    • I have personally gone mining in Amamake 3-1 for nearly an hour during peak US TZ and no one even came to look. I have roamed 60+ jumps for 3 hours without seeing a single ship in space. I have chased small gangs solo for 10+ jumps only to have them dock up. I have even engaged under gateguns in a frigate to try to get fights. And it is not just me. Why have pirate corps like the Hellcats, Python, and Parsec Flux died? Why have high profile lowsec PvPers moved to nullsec like Wensley or quit altogether like Spectre, Skye, and Mynxee?

      Because lowsec is dead. Most of lowsec is emptier than even deep nullsec, which at least has its ratters and botters. And the more populated sections consist primarily of noobs who have no idea what lowsec even is and pirates who kill those noobs and send them back to highsec.

      • Wensley for one left because he wanted to experience nullsec warfare. Didn’t whine about lowsec once iirc.

        I don’t know for sure why those pie corps died. All I know is that The Tuskers are killing stuff by the bucketload. Lots of solo kills after good fights, the 4 most expensive kills this week are all above 300m. Not even an exceptional week, probably because of summer.

        I assume it’s mostly thanks to recruitment. We’ve got people stop playing here as well, even very active ones. We even got bitter vets. -.-
        Thanks to recruitment drives however, we’re getting plenty of new and eager pilots, too; some of which greatly reinforce the core and spirit we’re built around.

        With too small a core and too tight recruitment (almost elitist and/or hostile from what I’ve seen here and there), morale is bound to hit rock bottom sooner or later.

        • Wensley initially left because he was joining -A-, but he has stayed in nullsec even after leaving -A- because lowsec is dead. I talked with him not too long ago and he told me that I should go to nullsec if I wanted any fights.

          Python recruitment is perfectly fine. We accepted lots of applicants and our recruitment requirements are even lower than the Tuskers.

          The real problem isn’t the so-called “bittervet”. The problem is that players like you keep labeling anyone who doesn’t believe the status quo is perfect as a bittervet. You completely ignore any of the actual facts that I and other “bittervets” bring up. Can you honestly claim that lowsec is anything but a shadow of what it used to be? Do you really believe that lowsec is flawless and doesn’t need any attention from CCP?

    • Nashh kadavr
    • July 7th, 2011

    Why don’t you penisboys join me? Damnit

    • Why don’t you join us? :P

      Also, why did you leave the Bastards? It looks like you’re still in the Evati area.

  2. Really sorry to hear about Python, but I suspect many of us suspected things were headed that way. Good luck in Invicta and RnK, we’ll probably end up flying together here and there in the coming weeks.

    I hope you find what you are looking for, but I’m not sure you will where you are headed.

  3. Looks like I might be seeing more of you then, RnK operate partly out of vestouve right next to TXW. I’ll be interested to see what your opinion of Invicta. is.

    • aquilius
    • July 7th, 2011

    I’m sorry to hear of the demise of Python – some of the old Monsters crew may hate the phallophiliacs, but you were always entertaining and taught me a lot.

    Of course, looking at that killboard, that doesn’t look terribly dead to me. Perhaps the bittervet has set in nice and deep? Either way, good luck in Invicta!

    • The killboard looks active because the two main killers currently fly alongside some ex-Pythons in Invicta. They have not switched corps yet but do not do anything with Python/Pen Island.

      I may be a bittervet, but I haven’t quit yet. :P

    • Ospie
    • July 7th, 2011

    I resent this. I fly with RMS and none other.

  4. Couldn’t reply directly beneath your comment apparently. Anyway:

    Shouldn’t have made assumptions about Python recruitment without having a clue about it. ;)
    Might’ve gotten Python mixed up with another pie corp here.

    The other thing is I probably can’t relate to complaints and concerns of many people unhappy with lowsec. I almost exclusively stick to Essence, Verge Vendor and Placid, and I get fights there. The neighborhood changes, but never dies down (right now it seems a bit quieter, but that has been the case last summer as well).

    Furthermore I’m happy with flying small ships, which don’t get blobbed as easily as bigger stuff on its own.

    Another major factor may be that I get a thrill out of “less of a fuss” you might say than someone who doesn’t depend on piracy as his only income. I often said that roaming/hunting itself is an enjoyable and important part of my playstyle, almost just as much as actual fighting.

    So yeah, maybe your personal complains are valid. Maybe you also just “outgrow” lowsec at some point because of bigger ships and less financial pressure.
    I guess I don’t have much of a clue about “old lowsec” either, been playing since late 2009 and people were complaining about lowsec back then.

    Btw if I had to define “bittervet”, I’d say they’re people who seem fanatically invested in the game, but still stick around to bitch, whine and slander any chance they get, even when they’ve already “quit”.
    It’s not like I always use the term having this or whatever firm definition in mind though and use it rather loosely.

    God dammit now my delicious ramen are cold why did I even bother FFFFUUUUUUUUU-

  5. Fly safe wherever you end up sage. Didn’t get a chance to fly all to much with you even thou we were in same alliance.

    Only 1 thing i have to say. Python WILL rise again


  6. Python will always live on in our hearts. And in our forums of course. And probably in SWTOR when it comes out.

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