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CSM Idea Shower

The fourth CSM is hard at work collecting and reviewing game change proposals; here are several issues that caught my eye:

More Faction Items on Market. Yes please! Many players do not know how much faction items cost because of the fact that they are difficult to access and look up. Concerning the problem of market cluttering, I think simple subfolders would work fine. That is what is already being done for ammo; why not for all other items?

Destroyer Improvements Needed. Definitely a big issue. (and T3 destroyers would be amazing).

Battle Recorder. So many other games already have this; why not Eve Online as well?

“In Position” Broadcast Improvements for Cloaked Ships. Although this seems nice, I do not understand why it should to be added to broadcasts. Why not simply make cloaked ships show up on fleet mates’ brackets and overview (perhaps with a special ‘cloaked’ icon)?

Directional Scanner Delay Improvements. From the day CCP even thought about adding a delay between directional scans, they should have implemented this (of course, a complete overhaul would be nice as well).

The above are just a few of the proposals chosen by the CSM; make sure to read TeaDaze’s excellent CSM meeting notes for complete details.

Overall, I am highly pleased with how the CSM has been behaving and hope that CCP actually listens to them.

Punisher Guide PDF

Blipmusic, who made the Piloting Savviness PDF, has also made a PDF of the Punisher Guide. Download it here: Punisher Guide PDF.

Piloting Savviness PDF

Blipmusic has created a beautiful PDF of my Piloting Savviness guide. The typography and formatting are simply stunning. Download the PDF here: Piloting Savviness PDF.

Thanks very much blipmusic!

Eve Resources Page Updated

My Eve Resources page has been updated with more links:

Please let me know in the comments if there are any other eve resources you’ve found helpful so that I can add them here. Thanks!