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The Price of Immortality

I do not usually write fiction, but here is a short story that takes place shortly before I became a capsuleer.

It was dark out, but a nearby streetlight delineated her silhouette in muted hues. We had been talking for a while. She drew closer to me, gazing up at me. Her eyes shone softly. “I have to go soon,” I said. “Aww,” she said, biting her lip. She reached for my hand. The touch was electrifying.

“Sage, I, uh…”

She hesitated, and looked down for a moment.

“You…?” I inquired, prompting her to continue.

“I think you know…”

She was staring deep into my eyes again, her eyes pleading for understanding.

“Yes, I know.”

My fingers brushed her cheek, warm and soft. She blushed, perceptibly delighted by the touch. She pushed up to me.

“And?”, she half-whispered, her arms wrapped around me. I sighed as she embraced me. She wasn’t understanding what I felt. Her face drew nearer, expectant.

“I can’t…you know that. I’m sorry.”

Her face fell.


I slowly shook my head. It couldn’t be. I tried to look away from her eyes. They were begging for something I couldn’t give. My mind ran through all the possible ways it could work. But it wouldn’t. I knew that. I wanted to say yes. But no…

“Please? We could make it work…”

I sadly shook my head again and tried to pull away. She clung to me, unwilling to let go. I hugged her tightly, closing my eyes and breathing in the scent of her jasmine in her hair.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered.

After holding her for a minute, I gently pulled away. She didn’t resist this time. We stood there, eyes adverted. Eventually she broke the silence.

“So this is it then?”
“Yes…I’m so sorry…”

After a few painfully long moments, I turned and began to walk away. Pausing as the inky blackness of the night enveloped me, I glanced back briefly. She was still standing there.

“Goodbye Iris,” I said.
“Goodbye Sage,” she replied.

Her expressive eyes locked onto mine again a final time. But they were no longer bright and  bubbly. Now all I could see was sadness, and my heart ached at the transformation.

All along the walk back to my shuttle, a single question haunted me: was it worth sacrificing my humanity to become an immortal capsuleer?