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W-Space Op

Went on a w-space operation with part of my corporation yesterday. Thanks to my ratting, my security status went up enough to let me into the 0.7 security system that the wormhole entrance was in. W-space was a nice change from PVPing in lowsec; I’ve been missing fleet work.

We got together a nice little fleet of two Abaddons, two Dominixes, and a Typhoon. We cleared out two class 2 systems, not very difficult at all. None of us dipped below 80% armor.

Next time we’re gonna try hitting class 3’s and 4’s (our last foray there didn’t go so well) and bring in a Scorpion with ECM, to see if it’ll get all the Sleeper agro. Then we can just remote rep one ship.

W-Space Op

One of the Dominixes was off at another site at the time of this picture. The Dominix in the front is getting repped by armor maintenance bots.