State of the TweetFleet 2011

The TweetFleet, a group of Eve Online players on Twitter, is more active than ever, with hundreds of tweets posted per day by its members. The TweetFleet has grown tremendously since its creation in October 2009: In a year and a half, 40 members has increased to 282. Additionally, some of its members have also created TweetFleet merchandise; links to them can be found on the TweetFleet information page.

While new members are joining the TweetFleet all the time, some older members stop tweeting for various reasons, usually because they no longer play Eve or have forgotten about their Twitter accounts. Until now, I simply left those inactive members in the TweetFleet list, as they might return someday. Unfortunately, Twitter has capped list size at 500 members, a limit that the #TweetFleet list reached last week. Unable to add any new members, I asked the TweetFleet whether I should form a second list or remove inactive accounts from the TweetFleet. There was unanimous support for cleaning the list up, so I moved all members that had not posted a tweet in the past two months to the TweetFleet-Inactive list. The list now contains 282 highly active tweeters (I often have trouble reading all of the TweetFleet’s tweets) and has room to expand once again.

  1. Awesome, thanks Sage!

  2. Thanks for keeping up the lists :D

    • thorvik
    • February 22nd, 2011

    Thanks a bunch for maintaining the list. Your efforts are appreciated.

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