Yarrbearing, Fighting Spectre, and Tweet Fleeting


Bremkr > did you destroy my ship just for fun?
Jgxrut > no, i did it for the loot and the salvage
Bremkr > then why did you pk me after?
Jgxrut > that was for fun

I have been lurking lately in a pocket lowsec system, which so far has been absolutely fantastic for me. I can PvP, hunting pirates and unwary missioners. I can also PvE, The system has been just perfect for me, as I can simultaneously PVP and PVE – there is a level 4 agent in the system that I can use when there is no one in system to shoot. I also use the agent to bait and kill mission-probing pirates; At one such encounter, I sat at the warp in point of an accel gate in my Dominix of Death, Doom, and Poddings (well, not poddings; it locks too slowly) and deployed T1 drones to make the pirate think I was a noobie. The following convo happened afterwards; where I used directional-fu to awe the pirate (he was new at it):

00sage00 > o/
00sage00 > queen your alt?
insane betty > yes
00sage00 > lol
00sage00 > saw you trying to probe me
00sage00 > you’re using the anathema named “judo” right? (the Anathema was cloaked at a deep safe, but I had seen it on directional about two hours earlier when it was undocking from a station)
insane betty > u got it
00sage00 > :)
insane betty > im busted
00sage00 > you need to lose some sec status :P
insane betty > :)   i lost some today
00sage00 > saw that
00sage00 > to the guy in a tristan?
insane betty > yep
insane betty > how u find all this out?
00sage00 > 1337 skillz

Trimarked Punisher > Trimarked Rifter

Midway through the week, Spectre and I had a disagreement concerning whether a trimarked Rifter was better than a trimarked Punisher. So we agreed to a 1v1 date.

Spectre3353 > look
Spectre3353 > you go setup a punisher with a buffer like this
Spectre3353 > and i will win a 1v1
Spectre3353 > lets do it
Spectre3353 > we’ll make it a date or something
00sage00 > alright
00sage00 > where at?

Unsure about whether my claim would hold due to Spectre having more skills than me and expensive implants, I began EFT warrioring. I compared both our fits, the Punisher (identical to that in my Punisher Guide, except with trimarks added) with my skills and the Rifter with all level 5 skills, slave implants, and gunnery hardwirings. According to EFT, 1) the Rifter would have twice the DPS that I had, 2) overheated, my rep could help equalize the difference, and 3) my EHP was larger, even without slaves. Although reassured a bit by the stats, I made a slight change to my fit, adding a tracking disruptor with a range script in place of a web, in case Spectre attempted to fight at range.

The next day, I traveled to Spectre’s lowsec abode in “Just A Flesh Wound“, my brand new Punisher. Because I had a tracking disruptor, Spectre fit one as well. My tracking disruptor proved its worth in the first match, as Spectre stayed at range and shot Barrage ammo at me. Thankfully, my rep was easily able to keep up with the reduced damage. The first match ended with a draw, as neither of us could kill each other. So we had a rematch with webs instead of tracking disruptors. This time Spectre popped. Although he was using the wrong ammo for half the fight, I was able to tank his DPS even after the ammo change; at the end of the battle, I was at 93% armor, with around 30% heat damage to my repper and 15% heat damage on my guns. Spectre says I cheated, but he’s just jealous:

Tweet Fleet

The Tweet Fleet is more active than ever before, and @AnMiTh, @Crimsoneer, and @eve_riotrick have been added to the Tweet Fleet. Congrats to the three of you; keep up the tweeting!

If you have a Twitter account, join in on the fun by following the Tweet Fleeters and tweeting about Eve. Also make sure to check the #tweetfleet hashtag and weigh in on the Tweet Fleet QOTDs. For those interested in becoming a member of the exclusive Tweet Fleet listing, make sure to follow the directions at the bottom of the Tweet Fleet page.

  1. did you get my DM about getting added to the tweetfleet? you answered one DM but not that one :D


    I mean uh. Was a fun fight :) Thanks for killing me.

  3. LOL post!

    • Lupus Albus
    • October 26th, 2009

    Sounds like you had a fun fight :).

    The biggest problem I have when flying punishers is getting my target to stay and fight me – it’s so easy to run away from us in our 2-midslot frigate of chunky death.

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