fightst4r is a scallywag.

Just two days ago, I fought him in a rifter vs punisher battle. When he started losing, he called in his buddy to help: So then we had a rematch, this time a “true 1v1″.

[ 2009.05.29 00:30:28 ] fightst4r > i do hope ur coming alone and actually in a punisher mate
[ 2009.05.29 00:30:36 ] 00sage00 > heh yeah
[ 2009.05.29 00:30:43 ] 00sage00 > i keep my word
[ 2009.05.29 00:30:52 ] fightst4r > as does everyone else in eve
[ 2009.05.29 00:31:02 ] 00sage00 > well, just stay docked then
[ 2009.05.29 00:31:11 ] fightst4r > nay
[ 2009.05.29 00:31:19 ] fightst4r > im safe dont worry
[ 2009.05.29 00:31:36 ] fightst4r > ill fleet you up or summin
[ 2009.05.29 00:32:29 ] 00sage00 > k
[ 2009.05.29 00:33:29 ] fightst4r > and stay in fleet during
[ 2009.05.29 00:33:38 ] 00sage00 > lol yeah

I fought him again, this time I was in a Punisher. I foolishly believed he would be alone (when my mates asked what system the fight would be in, I refused to answer so I could uphold our agreement). When he hit 10% armor (he had just barely gotten through my shields), his friend warped in on us again. And started shooting him. Later I found out that, somehow, his friend had gotten our two Punishers confused. A mistake by his friend, but I personally I think he got what he deserved.

And after even that, he wanted a rematch. A rematch? He’s gotta be kidding. We already had our rematch, and he showed that he was incompetent and untrustworthy.

Overall I was disgusted by his actions (and what Ashnazg wrote here reinforces this), as I had thought that even pirates had some sense of honor. fightst4r can’t even win 1v1s on his own against players with less SP than him, in a ship fitted more cheaply than his.

[ 2009.05.29 01:16:38 ] SE Lain > but we usually scam people into believing we are on a *fleet mission*
[ 2009.05.29 01:16:43 ] SE Lain > then warp fleet em to a safe spot
[ 2009.05.29 01:16:44 ] SE Lain > and kill em

I can understand the urge for kills, but at the price of your own integrity? I’ve never crossed that line, and I never will.

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