1v1 Extravaganza

The past few days, I have had quite a few 1v1s, enough to start my own CDM.

Rematch: Sage vs. Chainer

It all started when Chainer Cygnus brazenly insulted me in the Eve Bloggers channel:

Chainer Cygnus > Kucian, don’t listen to Sage, he’s a pansy and fails at walking down stairs. :P j/k
00sage00 > D:

He insulted my pansy-hood. He insulted my legs. He even insulted the stairs. So I challenged him to a 1v1. Chainer set the rules of the 1v1 to be cruisers with no ECM, with the winner giving his ship to the loser. We agreed to meet inside his wspace system, Blue Lagoon. This was the fit I used (the neut is placed in the middle of the guns to allow me to overheat longer):

[Vexor, Imma Ragequite Nao]
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
1600mm Reinforced Crystalline Carbonide Plates I

‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I
10MN MicroWarpdrive I
‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I

Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
5W Infectious Power System Malfunction
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S

Valkyrie II x5
Hammerhead II x5

Total fitting cost was 8 mil. Right before the fight, Chainer revealed that his Caracal costed 45 mil, and was surprised by how much of a cheapskate I was:

Chainer Cygnus > If you win, I might have to take a break from EVE :P
Chainer Cygnus > Ragequit and all that if you will

(Hence my Vexor’s name, “Imma Ragequit Nao”). Long story short, we met and I popped Chainer in around a minute. I was slightly saddened by the win, however. Instead of keeping his expensive ship, I returned to lowsec in a pod, 8 mil poorer.

I Want To Fly A Rifter Again

Not too long afterward the duel with Chainer, Nursultan (who I used to roam lowsec with) wanted to have a trimarked Rifter vs trimarked Punisher 1v1. Apparently he had heard about Spectre’s ignominious defeat and wanted to try his hand at it. The first fight was fairly close, but Nursultan eventually popped.

He then worked some fitting magic and pwned my Rifter. The win was extremely convincing; I am definitely going to try out his fit sometime.

Noobships Are Fun To Fly

Halfway through my bouts with Nursultan, I jokingly asked for a noobship 1v1 in the Eve Bloggers channel. Prometheus09 responded, so I pulled up my saved fittings (yes, I take my Piloting Savviness Guide seriously – I even have fits for some noobships) and chose one.

For the fight, Prometheus and I had both chosen Velators, except that his was armor tanked and mine was shield tanked. I won the first engagement with 50% armor left. However, Prometheus had forgotten to deploy his drones, so we had a rematch. He grabbed another ship and once again we began the dance of death. Prometheus popped first again, but his drones killed me less than a second later. Although winning is good, I frankly am very surprised that I won both 1v1s, as Prometheus has 3x the gunnery skills that I do (not to mention all the other skills he has). Perhaps someday we will have a rematch in a non-noob ship type.

Fear The Maller

The responses to my Maller Guide reinforce my assertion that many pilots underestimate the Maller (for example, see my Eve Forums post). And many who have seen my suggested fits may think, “What idiot would get in close to a ship like that?” It turns out, quite a few of them. Like this Wolf, or this nano Celestis, or this Pilgrim, or this second Wolf.

Of course, I am not saying that the Maller is perfect or “the best”. Obviously, you need to choose targets carefully, but that is the case for any ship. I am simply arguing that the Maller can do far more than people think. And I am not forcing anyone to actually use it.

Moar 1v1s?!

Caels Caldanhai > FYI, I’m building a SageShrine just to make people go, “WTF?”
00sage00 > wtf?
Varnoka > hehe
Caels Caldanhai > Exactly

Apparently people like to try to kill me (I blame Nashh for starting all this :P); currently several other people want 1v1s with me. 1v1s are very fun, but the only thing I do not understand is why I win. Is it just the fittings I use? Or the piloting skill? Why is it that people with far more skill points still lose? I would appreciate it if someone could explain that to me…

    • Jason
    • October 22nd, 2009

    Prometheus09 is the most fail pilot in New Eden TBH…I’m glad you killed him, please pod him next time. As for the rest, you micromanage, most people don’t know how to use heat skill wise or otherwise. As for your vexor fit, no t2? Did he target your drones? Or did he just shoot you? Why 2 points? (heat?)

      • Jason
      • October 22nd, 2009

      Whoops i noobed that up, I was thinking you had two fleeting warp disruptors, not webs:(

    • Why is Prometheus fail? o_O

      I could use more T2, but I was trying to keep it cheap.

      He shot me and I think he set his drones on my drones. But it was over very quickly, so it didn’t make much of a difference.

    • Lost
    • October 23rd, 2009

    I’m confused on why Chainer would bring a shield tank ship to an armor tanking system.

    According to dotlan it is a Wolf Rayet Effect Beacon Class 2 with a buff to armor and small weapons with a nerf to shields.


    Seems an odd setup choice when you chose the battlefield…

    • Very good point. I’m not sure why he did. But either way, he lost by a wide margin. I doubt it really made any difference.

  1. Keeping cool and collected under pressure counts for a lot. Being able to not think and just fight and kill makes a big difference.

  2. Being a Caldari background pilot, I think predicates my ship choices from other races to ones that are often neglected by pilots “in the know” from that race. One of my favorites is the Maller and I agree it’s generally not given the attention it deserves. It is a wickedly effective PvE cruiser platform and with some love and attention makes for a great 1v1 boat as well.

    Watching you fight all the 1v1’s is a bit like watching piranhas turn on each other and devour their own. :)

  3. That quote seems so very out of place…

    I need more material for that shrine by the way. Send me an autographed portrait!

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