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Lonetrek FTW

Self-hosted WordPress blogs give you a lot more control than blogs. But that extra flexibility also means that you have enough rope to hang yourself. And over the past two weeks, I have had innumerable issues with this blog – from passing PHP memory limits to having outdated permalink settings. For seasoned web developers, these may be fairly minor issues. But for someone like me, they are very tough to handle (though I am a programmer, I am web-illiterate).

But all was not lost. @AnMiTh, the creator of Lonetrek Hostings, stepped in to help. His response time to every problem was phenomenal, and his willingness to help overwhelmed me. Kudos to @AnMiTh and Lonetrek Hostings for providing so much help. Not only does he have the cheapest web hosting I have ever seen, but customer support is unparalleled. I highly recommend Lonetrek Hostings.

In other news, it seems that people still have not switched over to this new blog. averages 100 views per day and has 53 Google Reader subscribers, while averages 300 views per day and has 165 Google Reader subscribers. (Note that the subscriber numbers only include those using Google Reader; people using Capsuleer or any other RSS reader are not counted). Obviously I would like everyone to switch to the new blog location (, but I see no real way to force people to update their feed readers and bookmarks. I could threaten to pod them in Eve, but I doubt it would work very well. :\

Hosting for ISK

In my Afk post a while back, I mentioned some posts I was going to write after returning from vacation. Well, I’ve been really really busy lately, so apologies for the delay.

Basically, Crazzy Timmy is offering server hosting for ISK instead of real world cash. The offers are fairly reasonable compared to other hosting for ISK plans. Check out his packages (with Eve-appropriate names) here: ISK Hosting Packages.

He’s already hosting some sites, and says that he has good reliability. I haven’t actually tried out the hosting.

And here are some other hosting for ISK plans I’ve found through Google:
TeamSpeak Servers for ISK
Blazing Fire’s Hosting
Tess Ravenscroft’s Hosting
Eve – Web Hosting Solutions

Although they seem like a pretty good idea (the ISK prices are quite good), I have not tried out any of these. Use with caution.