Eve Links

EVE Online
EVE Search
Evewarrior’s In Game Websites
CrazyKinux’s Eve Online Links

EVE Blog OPML Download
EVE Radio

Wormhole Database
Wormhole Systems Database
Wormhole Database (in-game)
Apocrypha exploration
Beginner’s Guide to Probing
Scan Probing (video)

List of Killboards
Killmail Exchange System (in-game)

Dotlan EveMaps
Ombey’s 2d EVEMaps
Influence Map
Influence Maps

Market and Manufacturing
Trade Hubs
EVE Markets
EVE Metrics
EFT Shopping List Creator
Datacore Calculator

Ore Info
Cargo Calculator

Missions and Ratting
EVE Agents
EVE Agent Search
Agent Standing and Effective Quality
Faction Standings
Agent Divisions
Eve Survival Mission Reports
Guides for Agent Runners
EVE Epic Mission Arc
Ratting tactics
Belt Rat Spawns

Corporation Management
Ninja Salvaging
Video Creation
EveMon and EFT in Mac
How To Launch a POS
Eve Online Wiki
inEvE Character Skill Sharing
Eve Online API

Noob Piracy
Pirating 101
Wensley’s Rifter Guide
Ninveah’s ECM Module Operation
Military Tactics
Ship Recognition Game
00sage00’s Piloting Savviness
Manasi’s Overview Configuration

Eve Ships
Capital Ship Information
BattleClinic Ship Loadouts

EveMon. One of the foremost tools for planning skill training. Also has an excellent item/ship browser and the ability to view Battleclinic ship loadouts.
Eve Fitting Tool. Tests various ship loadouts and shows resulting stats.
Wormhole Thingy. Shows wormhole and wormhole-space information.
Eve-MEEP. Lets you view your assets, blueprint activity, and wallet transactions, efficiency, invention, POS fuel, and batch reprocessing of items into minerals. Note: crashes frequently.
EveHQ. Overlaps a lot in functionality with EveMon and Eve-MEEP, but it has a killmail viewer as well as a plugin called “EveHQ Prism” that has total asset worth, investments, and a rig building calculator (in addition to the assets and transaction information like in Eve-MEEP). The Fitting tool also allows easy import and export to and from EFT and Eve, as well as a Battleclinic ship fitting viewer that is better than EveMon’s.

  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanx for the link mate. FYI, you are in the OPML download as of this morning, the announcement post is coming this Friday!!

  3. this is also worth adding: http://eve-tools.org

  4. there is also missing the tetrr.com page.
    BPO Calc: http://www.tetrr.com/kalkulator/
    FleetLogger: http://www.tetrr.com/fleetlogger/
    PI-Viwer: http://www.tetrr.com/pi/

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