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Kings of Amamake

July 2nd. While killing a Hurricane in a 6-man frigate gang, we got blobbed by an 8-man AoS (Advocates of Sin) HAC + logistics gang. We lost one frigate while finishing off the Hurricane, and AoS began to smack, saying we were fail PvPers. “Orly?” we thought. “How about we fight with equal numbers?”

So at exactly 00:00 Eve time on July 4th, we undocked a battleship gang with logistics support and began burning towards Amamake. Because our sole goal was to have a fight with the Amamake locals, we did not stop to kill anything along the way. Upon reaching Amamake, we sat in the top belt, told everyone to come fight us, and waited. And waited. And waited. Despite there being 50 in local, nothing appeared on scan. So we began smacking. Apparently our smack was of such exceedingly high quality that the locals petitioned us and a GM gagged several of our members for “inappropriate ASCII art” (Python is the only corp I know of who gets gagged for smacktalking).

After thirty minutes of waiting, we were itching for a fight, so we left Amamake and toured the nearby systems. Everywhere we went, there were consistently 40-50 in local, but no one was willing to fight us. Disappointed, we decided to go to Egghelende to smacktalk Ken Plante. On the way, a BANE alliance scout told us that they were willing to fight us in Amamake (apparently AoS was too scared to fight us but Bane had risen to the challenge). The fact that the hostile fleet couldn’t even move one jump to fight us made us suspicious that they would drop capitals on us, but we were confident that we could hold our own.

We had 11 remote rep battleships, 2 battlecruisers, and 3 Guardians. Knowing our exact fleet composition, Bane brought what they thought would be the ideal counter: a triage Nidhogger, 7 battleships, 1 battlecruiser, 2 HACs, and a Falcon. Two of their battleships were fit solely with neuts just to cap out our remote rep chain, and their Falcon had only anti-Amarr jammers just to break our Guardians.

As Bane had planned, their neuts and jammers wrecked havoc on our Guardians. Despite energy transfers, I was so capped out that I could not even activate my damage control. And the Falcon had our ECCM-fitted Guardians permajammed. Whenever we could, we tried to rep the primaries, but several of our battleships still started dipping into hull. We managed to get a Bane Megathron into hull, but then the Bane carrier entered triage and the Megathron’s shields and armor popped back to 100% nearly instantly.

But the tide started turning. One of our sniper fit battleships alphaed the Falcon, freeing the Guardians. Our FC, knowing that the carrier would have cap issues due to how fiercely it was repping the Megathron, had us focus some DPS on the carrier. As the carrier’s cap dwindled, we were able to kill several more Bane battleships, including an Armageddon flown by Ken Plante. Realizing that they were losing, the rest of the Bane fleet quickly bailed, leaving the carrier behind to die.

As the last Bane pilot exploded and we floated alone amongst the wrecks in the belt, our lemming brains slowly began to realize that we had won – 7 kills for 0 losses. Ecstatic, we began circle jerking in Vent and in local, declaring ourselves kings of Amamake.

I Can Haz Pewpew?

In my previous post I complained that the Ami area was very empty. One nice thing about the lack of high traffic, however, is that we can have nice fights with other local pirate corporations without constantly worrying about hotdrops and 80-man faction warfare fleets. Here are two very fun engagements we have had the past few days.

Chain of Chaos: Healers FTW

Chain of Chaos (8): Brutix, Drake x3, Harbinger x2, Myrmidon, Caracal

Python Cartel (8): Abaddon, Dominix, Typhoon, Drake, Harbinger, Hurricane x2, Scimitar

Our battlecruiser gang was camping some locals in a station when we spotted a Chain of Chaos fleet moving through the area. Several people quickly swapped to battleships while I switched to a Scimitar. We warped into a belt at 0 km (I was at 70km), and the Chain of Chaos gang decided to engage. Being unable to overcome my remote repping, they primaried me. Thankfully, my fleet mates managed to kill the ships holding me down as I reached structure. I warped out and back in, but was unable to save Jawmare in his Typhoon.

Just as the space dust from the fight was clearing, an Ibis (the pilot is actually a scout for another alliance) warped in to a wreck, trying to steal some loot. However, before it could warp out, I managed to solo kill it with my Scimitar of Doom (the Drake whored my killmail).

In the end, we killed nearly every one of them and lost one battleship.

Rising Phoenix Alliance/The Alpha and the Omega: Meh, ECM :(

RPA/AaO (12 pilots, 17 ships used): Rokh, Scorpion x2, Typhoon, Hurricane x2, Brutix, Drake, Vagabond, Rupture, Stabber, Caracal, Caldari Navy Hookbill, Kestrel, Scimitar

Python Cartel (9 pilots, 10 ships used): Abaddon, Maelstrom, Armageddon, Typhoon, Dominix, Hurricane, Harbinger, Cyclone, Drake x2

As with the previous fight, our fleet was in battlecruisers when a pilot reported seeing 10 hostiles two jumps away. We jumped into whatever battleships we had and headed their way. Not wanting to get into a fight on a gate (sentries would be working against us), we warped to a planet and waited. And waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes later, ships began appearing on scan (it turns out that they incorrectly thought we were in RR battleships).

We killed what we could, but their ECM (two Scorpions) prevented us from using the majority of our DPS. And when we did kill a pilot, they returned in new ships. After a couple minutes, we had so few ships that everyone was permajammed, so we warped out.

Altogether we lost four battleships and two battlecruisers and killed one battleship, two battlecruisers, and two smaller ships (Kazaji miraculously was able to survive the fight in his Abaddon, but stupidly warped to a gate and died right after the battle).

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Although the two fights seem very different, both battles highlight how disorganized impromptu fleets are. For blobbing they work tolerably, but easily crumble under pressure. For example, in the first fight, there were both armor tankers and shield tankers in the fleet but only shield logistics. In the second fight, had we been properly prepared for remote repping (which all battleship gangs should be) and ECM resistance (almost no one fitted ECCM), we would have been able to hold the field. This stands in stark contrast to the organized battleship roam and our immensely effective DrakeSwarm.

Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!

Ken Plante, the archnemesis of the Python Cartel, has been vanquished once again. Read about it here:

Smack Is Rather Fun via Eve Newb.

Faceplant – vol2 via Skye’s Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog.

I Have Returned

After a month long break, I have returned to New Eden again (unlike Spectre, who constantly quits).

New Home

As of a few weeks ago, the Python Cartel has moved from Old Man Star (Gallente lowsec) to Ami (Amarr lowsec). Ami is much, much quieter than OMS; you can be afk for an hour outside a station and not get ganked. And most of the time, there are no neutrals or hostiles in system with us. Even when roaming throughout the area, I have yet to see local exceed 15 people. In a way, the lessened pressure is relaxing; in OMS I had to constantly worry about cynos and bait and blobs. On the other hand, getting kills in the area is relatively difficult. Many of the roams (both solo and fleet) I have been on get few, if any, kills (going 20 jumps and only killing a hauler is quite common). The lack of action in Ami makes me wish for a more active home, but I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of the bridge.

In the three days since my return, I have only gotten 17 kills; I seem to miss out on all the exciting fights. My favorite kill so far has been popping and podding a Reaper pilot visiting the Eve Gate. Not exactly an exciting fight, but I imagine that not too many people get kills at the birthplace of New Eden.


My decision to train Logistics V while taking a break turned out to be a good one. In the entire time I have been in The Python Cartel, I had seen logistics used only two or three times, so I was uncertain as to whether it would come in useful. However, it appears that the Scimitar in nano gangs is tremendously helpful; every time I am in one, my fleetmates seem to get more reckless (“Let’s engage that target on a gate. Our cruisers will be safe because we have a scimi!”). Logistics also comes in handy when your gang catches a Harbinger at a belt and decides to play Harbinger Hockey with him (that 94,433 damage taken was due to my reps on him, not because of the Harbinger’s epic triple shield booster fit).

Python Is 1337

In other news, Python is now in the top 100 PvP corporations according to BattleClinic. For a corporation barely a year old, that is pretty impressive. Python is also recruiting, so if you 1) like pewpew, 2) like WoW (kidding), and 3) like penis, send in an app.

Drakes. Lots of Drakes.

It seems that the topic of Drakes has been pretty popular this week (and I shall make it even more popular).

Rixx Javix at Eveoganda recently wrote a post about why people hate Drakes but shouldn’t:

Having said that, I know why the Drake gets such a bad rap. It is one of the easiest ships to get into in Eve, thousands of young Caldari pilots wizzing around the universe in the darn things, badly fitted, inexperienced and ready to be popped by the first thing that comes along.

Rixx is correct about a properly-skilled Drake having an incredibly tough tank; my lowsec stationcamping Drake perma tanks sentries at 70% shield. However, I disagree about the primary reason why Drakes are hated in fleets. It is not because Drake pilots are inexperienced. It is not because there are too many of them. It is not because they are slow, have less DPS than other battlecruisers, or use missiles.

Drakes are hated because they are not team players. The majority of Drake pilots beef up their tank instead of fitting modules to help the fleet – even though the Drakes will be among the last to be primaried. What good does a 100k EHP buffer do if you don’t help your fleet tackle, don’t provide ewar support, and don’t pump out lots of DPS? Drakes are hated for the same reason that snipers in FPSes are hated: they stay far away from danger, whore kills, and don’t help the rest of the team achieve objectives.

With that said, Drakes can be effective in the right hands (notice how I repeatedly said “the majority of Drake pilots”?). Last week the Python Cartel had a 100% Drake roam (along with one Scorpion and two stealth bombers who fail at following the OP’s instructions). And we did quite well; in one epic battle, our 11-man DrakeSwarm fought 46 Gallente and Caldari militia pilots (and they even had sentry guns on their side) and still managed to get equal kills and 72.9% ISK efficiency (you can see Spectre’s pretty pictures of the event here).

How did we manage to achieve this? By working together. By being team players. Good FCing and individual pilot skill certainly played a part, but without a coordinated spider tank and distributed ewar, we would have been crushed far more easily. Of course, we did make some costly mistakes with our first iteration of DrakeSwarm (I won’t tell you what those mistakes were :P). But fear not, DrakeSwarm Mk. II is coming soon to a bad neighborhood near you.