I’m going to be gone without a computer for the next two weeks, so don’t panic if you don’t see me on. :P

But here are some blog posts I’m planning on doing when I get back:

Punisher Guide. I’ve been getting fairly numerous hits on my blog from searches on “how to pvp in a punisher”. So (as some of you may have noticed), I’ve been PVPing in a Punisher to gain more experience in them. Hopefully this will be a comprehensive guide on the Punisher, like Wensley’s Rifter Guide. If you have any tips (or questions you’d like me to answer) on how to fit/fly/kill one, feel free to comment or email me at eve.00sage00 AT gmail DOT com.

A Beginner’s Guide to W-Space. Many of you already have checked out wormholes and are familiar with them, but there are an equal number of w-space newbies out there. This will cover suggested ship types, general fitting tips, and other potentially useful information.

ISK Hosting. I ran into Crazzy Timmy in Eve one day, and he’s offering server hosting for ISK. If you know of any other ISK-for-a-server deals, or whether things like this are CCP-approved uses of ISK, please let me know!

And that’s enough blogging work to keep me occupied for a while, so that should be fun. Until then, fly smart! o/

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