Ventrilo Tweaks for Noobs

Note: This miniguide assumes that you already have a mic and have installed Ventrilo.

Make Everyone The Same Volume
Follow these directions: About: Vent Settings. You can make some small tweaks to the settings, but overall the suggested ones work fine. For especially quiet people, you can also right click on their name in the main window and go to Miscellaneous>Special Effects>Volume.

See Who Is Talking on Vent
In the Ventrilo window, go to Setup>Overlay. Here are the settings to change:

Enable Overlay Support. Select this. Otherwise nothing shows.

Auto Open. When selected, the overlay always shows. I keep the option checked because otherwise the overlay keeps popping on and off, which gets annoying.

Screen Location. Set to Manually Position. To adjust the position, close the settings window, right click in the Vent window, and go to View>Manually position overlay. I place mine in the upper left corner, right next to the system name.

Popup Timeout. This setting is affected by the “Auto Open” setting; I just leave it as is.

Status Page Options. Uncheck “Recent events” and “Commanding messages”. They just waste screen space.

Hopefully those two tweaks are useful for you. If there are any other tweaks you use, let me know and I will add them to here.

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