The Decline of Lowsec

Arrhidaeus recently wrote a post bemoaning the fact that quality PvP is noticeably disappearing from lowsec, and I completely agree. When I started PvPing, things were markedly different. I remember when Amamake was known as a good place to get good fights, not ganks. I remember when armor tanks were viable for solo work because you didn’t have to worry about running away from blobs all the time. I remember when you could put afterburners on frigates because speed wasn’t the only thing keeping you alive. I remember when blasters were used as much as Barrage. I remember when you could go solo roaming in a ship larger than a frigate without worrying about camps on every gate. I remember when you saw a ship on directional scan and immediately warped to it without trying to figure out if it was bait. I remember when there actually was stuff to shoot and going 50 jumps without a single encounter was unheard of.

Why is this? Maybe people have moved to nullsec. Maybe the type of people playing Eve have changed. Maybe the good PvPers have moved on to other games. Maybe ship changes have slowly made small gang and solo PvP obsolete. Maybe it is something else. I do not know the reason why lowsec has changed. All I know is that I can sense it dying.

You may have wondered why my posting has slackened lately. This is why. Nowadays I rarely get any joy from logging into Eve. I log in, cast a wistful glance over the ships in my hangar and wish I could fly that Rupture without getting ganked, undock in a MWD and disruptor fit frigate, roam around a little, see nothing in space (or run into a battleship gang), dock, and log. I tell myself that something will change and the glorious days of PvP will return but know that nothing in the upcoming expansions and patches supports that notion. So I log in less and less.

Perhaps I have changed, not lowsec. Perhaps I have simply become a cranky old veteran who likes to talk about the good old days. Perhaps I just need to explore new things. Maybe. But for now, all I know is that spending hours on a fruitless roam has no appeal. All I know is that the adrenaline rushes during PvP have stopped. And all I know is that my enthusiasm is dying like lowsec.

  1. I must say I often feel the same way. I get my cloaked scout out and mostly see gangs that I think I can’t take on. But I’m not sure if that’s because EVE has changed or I’ve just become so cautious. Also, my greed for SP stops me from going to 0.0 and maybe that’s where the fun is right now.

  2. Hey Sage, sad post – it sounds like New Eden’s low-sec has lost it’s allure and excitement. I agree that solo roaming is getting harder (though not impossible) and yes, I have a load of ruptures in my hangar too and I rarely take it out as there are a lot of huge camps now. Oddly, I think the increase in larger gangs (strength in numbers) is partly due to a localised INCREASE in population. Quite ironic for many low-sec dwellers as low population numbers has been cited as another reason why low-sec is dying.

    I think, like the Wild West of America – the frontier is slowly being colonised by road, rail and workers and the freer space we all crave is being parcelled up and occupied.

    Still, much respect to you and your chaps. Hope to see more of you.

    • Thorvik
    • November 1st, 2010

    I agree with your post. We recently moved to GW and I feel relatively safe in low-sec. Mind you, we moved from nul-sec so I’m just a paranoid shit.

    I’m finding that NPC nul-sec to be more fun that low-sec. There are still camps but if you know how to avoid those you can still have some fun. I’ve been following Wensley’s progress with just fitting up a Jaguar/Wolf, putting a bubble in it and casting my line. I’m not as adept as Wensley so I’ve let a few ships go by being stupid but have been enjoying the cat / mouse thing for now. People doing missions for the Thukkers in that area so we see our fair share of mission runners as well.

  3. Woo, thanks for the plug!

    Ha, but seriously, I think that last paragraph might be part of the problem as well. It’d be interesting to have old roams recorded to watch, to see if maybe the initial enthusiasm of roaming made us put up with these things more, but now we finally see low-sec for what it’s always been.

  4. :(

  5. I feel your pain as well, it’s so hard to get reasonable solo or duo encounters…and by reasonable, I mean at least somewhat close in capabilities–not noob ship ganks nor blobs you must flee from unless you’re suicidal.

    On a weekend evening last month, I flew 57 low sec jumps from Essence to Molden heath in a Wolf and never saw one viable target on my d-scanner. WTF.

    There’s no sense at all that a good fight can happen serendipitously; seems the only way these days is to agree to 1v1s with people you trust or under conditions that ensure you won’t get ganked by your opponent’s friends.

    Not much fun at all.

  6. I have atm mostly given up on the 1v1 even happening. When Flashy Red was born, we moved back to our old hunting grouds (Black rise/The Citadel).Unforunately not even small gang roams with 3-5 ppl seem to be any fun anymore. Some few times we manage get some GF’s in Mara, but heading towards tama and oldman areas the only things we encounter are 30+ FW blobs. No idea if FW have changed or Lowsec as whole,just that see a trend of less and less people on, both from our corp and from some of or friendly ones. Everyone you ask when you manage catch them on for a quick skillswitch or somthing is that they just grew tired of hours of fruitless roaming around, just to run into theese blobs not even willing to fight you 3-1 if not at a gate or station. Have toned down my online time to atm, but still have hope the state of game might get back to how it used to be, or atleast partially to just a fraction of how used to.. Many others dont share my enthusiasm.So either it will be a whole generation switch of ppl in lowsec, or it may just go on to be that desert area travelling from 0.0 to empire and back.

    • InterDict
    • November 3rd, 2010

    Blobs, ECM, FW, Blobs, Cloaky T3’s, Gang Boosted Cloaking T3’s, did I mention blobs too?

    Granted I’m not much of a solo player, eve is a mmo after all but I did live next door to amamake for about a year and our little 3 man fleet had good fights – those days are fondly remembered.

    Now days it’s a case of avoid that 40+ BC gang in Ennur while avoiding the 20+ BS gang in Atlar then running into a 15+ T3 with logistic support gang in Uemon – all the while trying to draw a fight that isn’t on a gate or station, sentries are my only true friend and I actually look forward to that Eve Uni gang in Evati.

    • Brisk
    • November 4th, 2010

    People are just getting better at avoiding Low-Sec “Pirates”. I remember being terrified of low-sec and now when I travel through from or to 0.0, it feels “safe”. People are learning to fly together to avoid becoming a “target” like you love to refer to other people. You as hunter them as target right? Like your some top-dogs and other pilots can’t even be referred to as pilots but rather “targets”. It’s an elitist attitude you are not even aware you have. Low-Sec is not scary anymore you just have to deal with it. All your tricks are old. Sorry there are no more Rifters in the belts without their scanners open,

    • nashh
    • November 4th, 2010

    ”we, the lowsec dwellers need to adapt. we are not victims here, we are not pussy’s laying down arms, being beaten down by bullies.

    lets man up, lets lift our chin from our chest and deal with this shit. whatever is dealt upon us we can deal back, two-fold. they are strong and big, but so are we and the same again.”

    -Winston Churchill 1942

  7. EvE sucks now, lets all play LoL and be awesome. Untill CCp take a real look and change low sec, I dont think ill be playing it much.

    18 months yehhhh

    • Baa
    • November 17th, 2010

    I agree with the general feeling that low-sec just doesn’t feel dangerous anymore. I know that for me this is partly due to spending more time in null-sec, becoming more paranoid, and just being a better pilot.

    One thing to note is that there are more people online at once now than there were 12-18 months ago. Most times I login and there are 50k pilots.

    The other thing to take into account is that the pirates have been too successful. If the chance of survival is near zero why would someone risk a solo trip to low-sec? This is the sandbox at work, adapt or die.

    • thorvik
    • November 17th, 2010

    I think also, as we all have matured as players we aren’t nearly as scared/excited about going into low/null sec.

    When I/we first started we were all bouncing from planet to planet spamming the scan button and now we know how to scan better and as well as how to choose our targets. That T1 fit Rifter I flew had little to no tank and minimal DPS but still took it to some pretty stupid fights dying in a blaze of utter stupidity. Lot’s of fun but not something I do anymore.

    The feeling is different as I tend to engage less and am more apt to be picky in whom I fight.

    • Sol malorian
    • December 28th, 2010

    Maybe if killmails were only issued for respectable ratios, we would get more 1v1. No killmails for the blobbers. Ships should drop no loot when shot by 3 other ships, unless the ratio was decent, like 3 frigs on a battleship.

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