New Eve Video Sites

Two sites created exclusively for Eve videos have been unveiled in the past two days (both are named EveTube). Neither have many videos or users; it will be interesting to watch whether either manage to gain more popularity than YouTube or Eve Files for Eve video hosting.

EveTube by Eddie Gordo

Forum thread:

EveTube by Solus Argum

Forum thread:

  1. Euh, weren’t there some sort of EveTube a few years back as well?

  2. Hey sage, thanks for the linky:) Though you may want to update your sceenie, I recently updated the theme to a darker version, something the general Eve community will like more.

    Also, I might comment on your question. Will either site ever be more popular for eve vidz than Youtube? I surely hope so, but in reality will probably always win due to the difficultly of getting either sites name out to the community well enough that ppl think of us first.

    And regarding Eve-files. Chribba has a great site there, but its not an optimal viewing experience. Sure you can watch some of the videos, but the primary focus is to be downloading them. actually converts your video files to a “standard quality” video and a “High Quality” video optimized for streaming. Plus visitors can rate and leave comments.

    So while Eve-Files is great for downloading, I hope that Eve video producers see the benefit in streaming via as well as providing a download link via Eve-file.

    • I updated the screenshot. It does look better.

      Will you be supporting video download from your site sometime in the future? If so, it may be pretty good competition for Eve Files’s videos. The only thing I’m worried about is the costs of maintaining the server should views increase dramatically.

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