I Have Returned

After a month long break, I have returned to New Eden again (unlike Spectre, who constantly quits).

New Home

As of a few weeks ago, the Python Cartel has moved from Old Man Star (Gallente lowsec) to Ami (Amarr lowsec). Ami is much, much quieter than OMS; you can be afk for an hour outside a station and not get ganked. And most of the time, there are no neutrals or hostiles in system with us. Even when roaming throughout the area, I have yet to see local exceed 15 people. In a way, the lessened pressure is relaxing; in OMS I had to constantly worry about cynos and bait and blobs. On the other hand, getting kills in the area is relatively difficult. Many of the roams (both solo and fleet) I have been on get few, if any, kills (going 20 jumps and only killing a hauler is quite common). The lack of action in Ami makes me wish for a more active home, but I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of the bridge.

In the three days since my return, I have only gotten 17 kills; I seem to miss out on all the exciting fights. My favorite kill so far has been popping and podding a Reaper pilot visiting the Eve Gate. Not exactly an exciting fight, but I imagine that not too many people get kills at the birthplace of New Eden.


My decision to train Logistics V while taking a break turned out to be a good one. In the entire time I have been in The Python Cartel, I had seen logistics used only two or three times, so I was uncertain as to whether it would come in useful. However, it appears that the Scimitar in nano gangs is tremendously helpful; every time I am in one, my fleetmates seem to get more reckless (“Let’s engage that target on a gate. Our cruisers will be safe because we have a scimi!”). Logistics also comes in handy when your gang catches a Harbinger at a belt and decides to play Harbinger Hockey with him (that 94,433 damage taken was due to my reps on him, not because of the Harbinger’s epic triple shield booster fit).

Python Is 1337

In other news, Python is now in the top 100 PvP corporations according to BattleClinic. For a corporation barely a year old, that is pretty impressive. Python is also recruiting, so if you 1) like pewpew, 2) like WoW (kidding), and 3) like penis, send in an app.

    • OkamiKurai
    • May 21st, 2010

    welcome back

  1. Woo! Welcome back!

    Did you file that Harbinger’s fit under “Epic Fail”? I almost feel the need to send him an eve-mail so he gets at least SOME clue ;)

    • Unfortunately, my “Epic fail fit” file cabinet is already full. :\ And I’ve found that people are unwilling to listen to fitting advice from pirates who tortured and then ganked them. :P

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