What's In Your Hangar?

Joining yet another Eve blogger meme, Eveoganda‘s “What’s in your hangar?”.

Note: I no longer use most of these ships due to their lack of speed. In Old Man Star and its surroundings, everything flies faster than 2km/s. Anything slower than that either dies horribly or has a cyno.

Rifter – Hunter-Killer. I have not flown a Rifter in a while (although I intend to).
Punisher – Just A Flesh Wound, Legion, Avenged Sevenfold. Being a devout Punisher advocate, I have three of these. The “Just A Flesh Wound” is particularly notable for having seen service against Spectre.
Rupture – Devil’s Advocate. I originally intended for this to be a more nimble replacement for the Maller, but it is still too slow to be useful.
Myrmidon – Fury. I no longer fly this.
Purifier – Hunting Wabbits, Hunting Wabbits #2, Surprise Buttsecks. I fly stealth bombers a lot. The Purifier is great because the majority of targets in lowsec are shield tanked.
Hound – Revelation. Worse than the Purifier, but the explosive bonus may someday be useful.
Wolf – Sharkbait. Like the Rupture, this is too slow. Even with nanos and overdrives, I cannot overtake (or escape from) faction frigates and cruisers. And with nanos I can pretty much get alphaed by a drone.
Hurricane – Carebear Cloud Nine. “Hooray, finally a fast nano pwnmobile,” you say. Nope. It is actually my salvaging ship. It sits unused because I no longer mission.
Drake – A Leaf on the Wind. Once upon a time I stationcamped. Then someone lit a cyno and everyone lived unhappily ever after.
Curse – Black Mesa. I fly this occasionally.
Tempest – Carpe Diem. EFT says it can volley a frigate from 150km. Eve says it can’t. So I don’t undock it any more.
Armageddon – Riot. Speed doesn’t matter when you have 20 battleships on a gate.
Thrasher – Mandated Chaos, Super Duper. Theoretically, this is great for killing those pesky nano frigates. In actuality, you get jumped by a Stabber or Rapier.
Coercer – 00sage00’s Coercer. Makes short work of any overconfident solo frigate pilots.
Malediction – Fail DPS. I caught a salvaging Cormorant once but had to run away when support arrived. Then I caught a ratting Punisher and spent the next 10 minutes trying to break its tank. I don’t ever plan on flying a Malediction again.

  1. So basically you fly SBs (mostly Purifiers) and occasionally a Curse? It sounds like you don’t like a lot of your ships at the moment, which is a shame. I agree with the Malediction though, because I will only ever fly those if I am scout/tackle of a large fleet with plenty of DPS.

    • Yes. SBs work great in most of the gangs that I fly in. I do plan on fitting out a nano Hurricane sometime soon, however.

      I love the Myrm, but have difficulty finding suitable targets. Without nanos, it is too slow to catch up to (or run away from) kiting ships.

      I’ve also begun thinking about replacing my warp disruptors with scramblers on many of my ships. Since I am already too slow to hold point with a disruptor anyways, a scrambler (+webs) might be able to snag a few unlucky kiters who come too close.

      • Hera Darkthorn used to fly a fun looking myrm fit (but recently has been riding the Cynabal/Dramiel train) and has an oldish killmail of what looks like it could be effective for kiting: http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=8839112

        Likewise, my corpmate used to fly an interesting one (before opting for one similar to Hera’s) that was slower, but had smaller guns so it could effective track ships small enough to catch it: http://www.the-bastards.com/kb/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13630

        • The main problem with Hera’s Myrm is that it is worse than a kiting Hurricane (and the cane can also fit neuts).

          My current Myrm fit is very close to that of your corp mate; I just use 180mm ACs (stick a web on a frigate and you can hit them pretty well), a med neut, and one more EANM instead of the plate.

    • Lupus Albus
    • April 15th, 2010

    Feel free to donate your malediction to me . . . ;)

  2. Heh, my Buzzard is called ‘Wabbit’, so I guess it’s me you’re meant to be hunting in your Purifier.

  3. Looking back the the large range of ships I’ve flown during my EvE career, I currently prefer light Thrasher or Hurricane gangs depending on hitting power needed. Those Brutix’s also have insane firepower in gangs for what amounts to a sure chance of getting popped everytime.

  4. And forgot to add that I blogrolled you, thanks again and see yah on #Tweetfleet!

  1. April 20th, 2010

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