State of the Yarrbear

Apologies for not posting in a while. Python has entered a “cold phase” of very low activity, and I have barely been playing Eve. In the meantime, I am training Logistics V, as I plan on flying a Scimitar soon. I could also fly a Guardian, but no one in Python really flies armor tanked ships any more. Andrea Skye, a fellow corpmate, has written about why this is the case on his blog.

Omgah, another Python, has written down his thoughts about his corpmates on his blog. This is his assessment of me: “This guy was a guy we spent months trying to recruit. He finally gave in and joined one month  ago. Hes all around pretty chill. I think he likes flying the Ishtar but that might have changed with the pirate ship boost.” One small error: I do not have the skills to fly an Ishtar. He probably meant my Myrmidon, which is rusting in my hangar due to being too vulnerable to all the nano ships currently flying around lowsec.

In other news, Casiella has written a short guide to hanging with the TweetFleet. If you are not already a tweetfleeter (and even if you are), I highly recommend reading it. Also do not forget to read my Tweet Fleet overview page.

  1. April 12th, 2010

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