You Just Got Python’d

I have been in the Python Cartel, the renowned smacktalk pirate corp, for two weeks now, and I have been having a great time. One of the reasons why I joined Python was due to the amount of gusto they possess for having fun. I have already blogged about the RR Drake roam, poetry, and 20-man battleship blob that scares even faction warfare blobs, so here are some more pics of my latest shenanigans.

Python battleships blobbing an overconfident capital. My first capital kill.

Station camp, the Python way (see how we are all inside each other?).

Python drone art. It was supposed to be two circles, but the creators got lazy and quit halfway through.

Nearly 100 noobships perished on this station while attacking two valiant Python members.

This station is giving me a fistbump.

This is what the inside of an Amarrian station looks like after a fire (actually a weird graphics glitch).

Did you know that you can get a T2 capsule? (another graphics glitch).

My current ship hangar. Wolf is for wolfpacks, Drake is for stationcamping (although I stopped doing that after Advocated Destruction sent in a bait alt then cynoed in a huge blob), Armageddon was for the Python battleship fleet, Curse is for Python fag roams (4 Curses on this killmail), noobships are to make me feel like I have more ships than I actually do (and for Python noobship ops), and stealth bombers are for cloakiness and compact DPS. The rest of the ships I don’t really use.

One final picture:

That’s what you’ll be doing after you get Python’d.

    • Skye
    • March 18th, 2010

    That station looks awesome.

  1. Absolutely LOVE the last picture! I’m going to shamelessly steal it and use it in a future post :D

  2. Nice. I want a T2 pod so bad but I don’t have the skills for it yet :(

  3. Nice man, that last pick is hysterical, if I had seen that guy I would give him money… ya know cause he obviously plays eve… and I’ve been there before.

    I’d love to post the few screen shots that I do have, but I can’t ever seem to find or retrieve them… oh well.

  1. June 22nd, 2010

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