The Poets of Python

The Python Cartel has always been well known for its prowess at smacktalking. But a lesser known ability of the Pythons is excellence at rhymes.

So without further adieu,
I present to you,
Python Poetry:

Smack is wack yo
But I got no sack so
I’ll stay on this gate
Hug the guns and wait

My backup is coming
So you’d better start running
We’re going to blob you, gank you
Rob you, spank you.

The truth of the matter is
Without my friends I ain’t got shit
I never fight when there’s risk
21 vs 1 is the shit.

Just look at my killboard
It’s full of my killwhores
I did 24 damage
But I filled local with spammage
– by Kobrakilla

I want to take a knife
And logoffski Life.
– by 00sage00

And here is a small sample of Python Rhyme Time:

Kobrakilla > what’s a transom?
Kyle Langdon > your mom
Kobrakilla > sounds lame
Kyle Langdon > like this game
00sage00 > what a shame
Kyle Langdon > it can be quite a pain
00sage00 > to take the blame
Kyle Langdon > what was its name?
Kobrakilla > If you take it frame by frame
Kyle Langdon > i think i just came
Kobrakilla > but it was quite a pain
Kyle Langdon > and the splooge was pretty plain
Kobrakilla > it came down like the rain
Kyle Langdon > and you lost the game
Kobrakilla > but that isn’t the same
Shaka Laka > this hurts my brain…
Kyle Langdon > that’s a pretty large claim
00sage00 > to fame
Kobrakilla > and to tame
Kyle Langdon > aim
00sage00 > defame
Kyle Langdon > exclaim
00sage00 > proclaim
Shaka Laka > ascertain
Kyle Langdon > does this really pertain?
00sage00 > bob the builder
Shaka Laka > Only if you’re insane
00sage00 > >_>
Kyle Langdon > blob the quilder

So next time you’re in local
And we’re being very vocal
You’d better run away fast
Or our rhymes will leave you aghast.

  1. Word up

    • OkamiKurai
    • March 7th, 2010


    the one true down-side to your joining up up with these fun-loving *ssholes….oh well try not to let them ruin you too much.


  2. I liked that read
    whatever your need
    like this comment
    it would be better on vent

    • Ga’len
    • March 7th, 2010

    So…. Fielding tech 2 dipthongs now are we?


    • More like meta 3. However, our smack is definitely tech 2 (if not faction). :)

  1. March 18th, 2010

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