More Yarr and Less Bear

I’ve said before that I would join a pirate corp someday. And as of today, I am a member of the Python Cartel. Here is my recruitment application:

1: What is your real-life age and country/state/province in which you reside?
17/m/cali. What’s your a/s/l?

2: What is the full name of the character you are applying with?

3: Is this character your main character, or an alt?
It’s my alt (17 mil SP). I spend most of my time on my main (150,000 SP) running level 1 missions, mining in 1.0 security, and trading.

4: What ships are you currently capable of flying?
Noobships, frigates, Amarr industrials, and some other ships.

5: What are your favorite ships for PvP? What are your preferred setups for these ships?
Shield tanked Punisher, PvP Itty V, probing Zephyr, and pod tanked blaster Typhoons. I also like Titans for 1v1s.

6: What are your short-term skill training plans?
I need to finish training Retail III so that I can have enough market slots to sell all the lootz I will steal as a badass pirate.

7: What are your long-term skill training plans?
I’ve always wanted to fly a Hulk.

8: Do you have any prior Low sec/0.0 PvP or Piracy experience? If so, please be thorough in telling us about it. Links to Battleclinic/corp killboards are very much appreciated.
(why are the slashes backwards?)
I’ve died a couple times in lowsec/nullsec and been ransomed by pirates. One time I tried to kill a nonblinky battleship on a gate with a frigate. I died, but I gained lots of PvP XP.

Here’s a link to my best kill:

This one was also pretty good: Although not the best because the pilot was a total nub.

9: Why do you want to join The Python Cartel?
Because I’m awesome, and the Pythons are awesome, and we’d be even awesomer together.

10: What is it you look for in a corporation? What do you expect from a corporation?
I look for a place where I can be loved. I expect backrubs from the corp members.

11: Do you have a working microphone and installation of Ventrilo?
Yes. I do prefer Eve Voice though because I can sound like an underage, mentally deficient girl.

12: Are you self sufficient in terms of ISK generation and hauling equipment?
As long as I don’t lose too many more frigates trying to kill battleships, my alt in a mining Velator should be able to keep up. My pod isn’t too hard to haul around, either.

13: Are you willing to go to -10 security status, honor all 1 v 1’s, and honor all ransoms?
I’m scared of lowsec and prefer to have a positive sec status.

Should I happen to have a 1v1, I will attempt to get a solo kill until I start dying. Then I’ll call in backup.

And of course I will accept any ransom ISKies after I steal a victim’s ship, pod, tears, and soul.

14: Do you have any questions that you would like answered about The Python Cartel? If so, please ask us!
Do I get complimentary drinks? I’d also like 72 virgins every time I die.

15: Please eve-mail your limited API key (including the user ID) to all of the following people: Golden Helmet, Spectre3353, Lachesis VII, and Omgah
You’re just trying to h4x me. <_<

The yarrbear to yarrbear transition is exciting; I am looking forward to going -10 and PvPing 23/7.

  1. …and a stellar application it was.

  2. Backrubs are always a must for any corporation in EVE.

  3. Let’s set up a Titan 1 vs 1!

  4. Love the app, and I”m glad to see you putting an emphasis on the yarr. Hopefully I’ll be able to drag you into a fleet again with more success than we had last time!

    • Yeah that’d be neat. I was talking with Nashh just today about the Bastards too.

    • Lupus Albus
    • April 1st, 2010

    Finally, he’s growing up ^_^.

  1. March 18th, 2010

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