New Alliance

My corporation, Transdimensional Trading Company, joined an alliance named “Raikiri Assasins” a few days ago. Although I hope that the alliance will bring new life to the corp, I have my doubts.

Like me, the alliance professes to be a jack-of-all-trades. They mission, rat, mine, trade, live in wormhole space, and PvP. As stated in my Year in Review post, I hate everything but PvP (the rest are necessary evils for being a yarrbear). So initially I was excited about the “Oh hey we PvP” claim. But then I looked up their killboard stats

…I have more kills than the entire alliance. And their success ratio is lower than that of my corp.

Between the poor PvP and misspelled name (Assassins, not Assasins), I am not all that impressed, but I will refrain from passing judgment until I have met my new alliance mates more.

    • InterDict
    • February 15th, 2010

    Refraining from passing judgement is akin to refraining from passing wind, all you get are bubbles in your bowels and a stain on your pants… Trust your instincts and go when the urge is strongest; it saved me in Geminate…

  1. LOL @ InterDict. Gotta agree with him. If it doesn’t feel right already, it is unlikely to get better. Time is precious, why waste it?

  2. “Although I hope that the alliance will bring new life to the corp, I have my doubts.”

    Confidence in your corp and yourself is step one. Your corpmates pick up on that stuff.

    Good luck.

  3. How many corps that profess to do it all, really are capable of such? None that I’ve heard about. Oh, and if they can’t even spell their own Alliance name right, well…just sayin’.

  4. My brother in EvE…their killboards stats alone make me question, their ratio make me wonder, and their inability to inspire confidence bodes an ill wind I fear…Maybe you can get while the getting is good?

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