Neglected Eve PvP Tools

Two useful yet neglected Eve PvP tools:

Eve Combat Log Analyzer. This displays useful PvP stats that you can use after a battle to analyze how your weapons (and your enemies’) performed. Regrettably, this tool has not been under development since 2006, but you can download a working Dominion version here: Combat Log Analyzer 0.17. If you are a developer, please help update and improve the log analyzer. The Eve community would benefit greatly from it.

EFT Ship Creator. This allows you to create custom ships in EFT, useful for testing upcoming ships (e.g. in December I used it to analyze the effectiveness of faction ships in Dominion) and messing around with special ships (how powerful is the Eidolon?).

  1. Gonna give EVE Combat Log Analyzer a shot, thanks for linking it! Sounds great.

    Fly straight!

    • Lord Rupert
    • February 15th, 2010

    EFT isn’t a bad program. But EveHQ does all that, plus Evemon, plus a whole lot more. So instead of having several different programs running on your computer all at once, why not just use one?

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