Eve Blog Banter Special: Why I Love Eve

From CrazyKinux’s latest blog banter:

We know the EVE Online Community is unique in so many ways, and that EVE Online is like no other MMORPG out there. But what makes the game special for you? Why do you love EVE Online so much?

I love how you can fly alongside others.
I love how you can fly solo.
I love how you can find people who think and act like you.
I love how you can interact with people with totally different personalities than you.
I love how adrenaline-filled PvP can be.
I love how you can have fun bantering in local with people you’ve just lost a ship to.
I love how Eve is so complex yet rewarding.
I love how Eve manages to extend beyond the computer.
I love the innumerable sites for ship fittings, market tweaking, blogging, and storytelling.
I love how you can never say “I know all there is to know.”
And I love how you can never stop listing things that you love about Eve.

    • Lupus Albus
    • January 31st, 2010

    I love how the two of us have been playing this game for a similar amount of time, yet we just crossed paths for the first time last night in Adirain. I was hoping we could pew, but you’re not outlaw and there were too many hostiles in system :(.

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