Bai Bai Spectre

Spectre, the ferocious smacktalking pirate leader of the Python Cartel and accomplished blogger and MS Paint expert, is leaving Eve. I (and I am sure many others) will miss him.

I will never forget the day I ran into Spectre & Friend flying Taranises. And of course, our duel later on. (I win. ha!)

Roaming with the Pythons throughout Minmatar and Gallente was always lots of fun as well. I will miss the fun, epeen-saturated atmosphere the Python Vent had.

Spectre summed up his blogging style quite well: “I wish I could say that my style is just different but I blog in this way simply because I am a higher caliber than the rest of the Eve-Online blogosphere. I am a gift to you all and I want you to know that you can always count on me to class things up. Always.”

I will miss reading Spectre’s blog.

Hopefully Spectre will return. Until then, I shall treasure this:

(Note: Now that he is leaving Eve, Spectre is giving away (most) of his possessions. Simply send him any amount of money over a bil, and he will send you 2x back.)

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