Better Eve Online Debate

Although blogging does increase the amount Eve Online players are able to discuss particular issues about Eve Online, it is inherently one-sided. Replies and discussion either have to be on a whole separate blog or in the comments. The first method is very time intensive, and the second is difficult to access and sort out. This is where CreateDebate comes in, a site specifically designed for enabling people to write arguments and rate them (I have tried out other debate sites as well, but none are as clean and intuitive as CreateDebate).

But why should we capsuleers use this? Would it not be yet another burden that keeps us from flying spaceships? I do not believe so. The Eve Forums are ugly and a terrible pain to use. Blogs are fairly time intensive (thus there are only 100ish active bloggers out of 300,000 players) and wanting at hosting discussion. Twitter helps more people participate in conversation (200+ active tweetfleeters), yet lacks depth due to its simplicity. CreateDebate fits perfectly into the holes these methods have.

CreateDebate obviously is not designed specifically for Eve Online, so how can we use it? Well, first of all, here are two sample debates (feel free to participate!): What Changes Do You Most Want in Eve Online? and Speed Boost for Assault Frigates?. As you can see, CreateDebate allows you to post arguments, write arguments in reply, and vote arguments up and down. CreateDebate keeps it organized and gives you some interesting stats.

All you have to do to participate is sign up and start voting and writing. If you create your own debate, make sure to put “eveonline” (without quotes) in the tags so that it appears in this Eve-only RSS feed:

There are millions of potential debates that could be conducted on CreateDebate (“What is the most annoying Eve bug?” and “Which ships need a buff/nerf?”). I am hoping that this debate site will facilitate increased interaction among Eve Online capsuleers, just like the TweetFleet has done on Twitter. If you have any better suggestions or have a catchy name for this debate group, please let me know (either in the comments or via a debate/message on CreateDebate)!

    • Felipe
    • January 10th, 2010

    Didn’t like it. Too much space for trolls as you can see for one of your own debates.
    The concept is cool though, but the internets is too full of assholes to conduct a good debate in such a open environment.

    • Very true, but at least you can rate down trolls or report them. Plus the moderator can ban them. I can also set debates to private and only allow invited people to view it, but that would be tough to manage.

  1. Well, google has just created a feature that is very very helpful for this. You can now subscribe to any page in google reader, even if it doesn’t have an RSS feed. Which means that you can now subscribe to each individual debate, and then receive an update when someone adds a new argument specifically to that page

    • Yes, it’s a nice feature, but no one uses CreateDebate. :(

  1. January 24th, 2010

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