Hello, Old Man Star

After my losses last month, I carebeared for a while, grinding missions and ratting in nullsec for ISK. My security status slowly rose to the point where vengeful victims could no longer place a bounty on me (above -1.5), so I have once again returned to lowsec.

But instead of returning to Minmatar lowsec (<3 Amamake) as usual, I grabbed a hauler, stuffed in a Purifier and Rupture, and moved to Gallente lowsec. Why did I switch locations? First, Minmatar lowsec was becoming extremely blobby, making PvP difficult for part-time pirating with no backup. Second, the Python Cartel had temporarily moved to Gallente lowsec to terrorize the Blood Money Cartel and other locals. Third, I had not visited the Tuskers in a very long time.

The decision to bring a stealth bomber was a good one, as it is phenomenal for skirmish warfare. While roaming with a small frigate-sized gang, it allows me to use hit and fade tactics. The gang’s interceptors and other fast ships can easily destroy smaller targets that are a threat to me while I apply DPS to larger targets. I simply stay at 40 km from a target and fire torpedoes; with my dual targeting range damps, ships cannot target me at that range.

  1. Nice to fly with you sage.

  2. Aye, good to have ye around!

    Love your maller guide, only problem I have with it is the price of Mallers, can you fix that please? ;)

    • What do you mean by “price of Mallers”? Do you mean the estimated cost shown in the EFT screenshot? The cost shown in EFT is determined by EFT, and not by me. So I cannot change that. :)

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