Ever since CCP’s HTFU music video in October, “HTFU” has become one of the most popular words in the Eve lexicon. Lost your ship? HTFU. Don’t like grinding missions? HTFU.

But is this a good thing? How far should HTFU-ing be taken? To the point that we refuse to change game mechanics? When CVA was disbanded, should we have simply HTFUed and left it shattered? Should we have HTFUed and not nerfed ECM? When scamming via contracts was much easier, should we have HTFUed? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. :)

    • belamar
    • December 7th, 2009

    HTFU doesn’t mean don’t offer suggestions. It means that when shit doesn’t go your way, get over it.

    Should X, Y or Z have happened, or should it happen in the future? That’s outside of the scope of HTFU. The point is, if it does happen, you just need to get over it :)

  1. I agree with belamar, HTFU will be there forever now it seems. I really dont think that CCP will just say HTFU when things are in need of changing for the better or even worse it seems.

    However, I also agree with you sage, HTFU does not need to be taken to extremes either.

    • Escoce
    • December 7th, 2009

    HTFU is a nicer way of saying STFU, it implies you need to change you outlook in life and stop crying about consequences of your own actions and things outside of your control. It does NOT mean you can’t or shouldnt try to help the future of your life ingame and out, but don’t wallow in your own shit and get it on everyone else by crying.

  2. good observation on HTFU. Words just tools – can be used positively or negatively.

    I guess when you start going to extremes – that’s when you probably need to be more careful. More likely to be wrong than fully right.

  3. I have an opinion? I guess so.
    anyway, i came from WoW to eve, and the reason i left that was because everything became too easy, with blizzard making everything easier to cater to a bigger whiny audience. CCPs attitude of HTFU is refreshing.

  4. Eck I’ve most seen HTFU used when people have things in their favor and don’t want that to change. Namely with the naglfar changes. Amarian pilots telling us minmatar pilots to HTFU because we got shafted and want a decent dread. It makes a decent and well grounded complaint/request seem like the whining of a carebear.

  5. I agree with the “Miningzen” of CCPs attitude to not cater too much on the whiners and make everything too easy..

    I played WoW from the beginning but have followed its development through my friends who stayed with it, and its just easier and easier.. Come next patch they are removing many stats too..

    But HTFU for me means: “Deal with it” -Not to be used if something happens outside your control, such as bugs or the like.

  6. HTFU was a witty marketing ploy. Ploy “2 a : a tactic intended to embarrass or frustrate an opponent b : a devised or contrived move :”~ Merriam Webster dictionary. As with most ploy’s it has taken ona life of it’s own. Someone ganks you they tell you HTFU, someone steals from your corp they say HTFU.

    Those of us who have played EvE long enough KNOW and are already hard enough, tell me to HTFU is like spitting into the wind, during aforce 9 wind, it is worthless and futile.
    It is a phase, a fad, and a as such it will go the way these things do.

  7. Im so HTFU I play on a Apple 2, I see the 2spf as a challenge.

  8. Yes, I am upset with people who use HTFU as a means to justify their own actions because they themselves don’t want to HTFU.

    Sorry, but telling someone else to HTFU doesn’t mean you get to be a squishy cry baby. Solutions to problems should be based on balance and the longevity of the game. Either or both sides may need a good hardening.


    • evemonkey
    • December 12th, 2009

    The original HTFU was by chopper reid, not CCP. watch the original and be enlightened:

  1. December 7th, 2009

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