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With the long-awaited introduction of Twitter lists, the old TweetFleet listing that I kept is no longer necessary. So here are some Twitter lists for you to follow:

@00sage00/eveonline – The latest Eve Online news on Twitter.
@00sage00/tweetfleet – All active TweetFleeters. Inactive ones are removed regularly.

The only drawback to the lists is that there are no tags (blogger, CEO, courier, industrialist, logistics, mercenary, miner, missioner, ninja salvager, pirate, podcaster, PvPer, ratter, role player, trader, wormhole explorer), but it seems that ninja salvagers, missioners, miners, and can flippers fraternize perfectly well on Twitter, so hopefully it will not make too much of a difference. :P

The TweetFleet is dead. Long live the TweetFleet!

The contents of the old TweetFleet list are below (or see this backup):

The Tweet Fleet is a listing of the elite top 40 Eve Online Tweeters. link.

Tags: blogger, CEO, courier, industrialist, logistics, mercenary, miner, missioner, ninja salvager, pirate, podcaster, PvPer, ratter, role player, trader, wormhole explorer.

Tweet Fleet

@00sage00blogger, missioner, ninja salvager, PvPer, ratter, wormhole explorer
@Alexia_Morganblogger, PvPer, ratter
@AnMiThblogger, industrialist
@autumn_aetherblogger, missioner, PvPer, wormhole explorer
@bel_amar – industrialist, PvPer, wormhole explorer
@BorisHotch (HelpMyMission)site, podcaster, missioner
@casiellablogger, industrialist, pirate, role player, trader
@chainercygnusblogger, industrialist, miner, PvPer, role player, trader, wormhole explorer
@chocolips (Kalahari Wayrest)blogger, missioner, role player, wormhole explorer
@Crimsoneerblogger, industrialist
@ericschoblogger, industrialist, missioner, PvPer
@eve_riotrickblogger, PvPer, wormhole explorer
@evewarriorblogger, industrialist, missioner, PvPer
@Galen_Druid (Wandering Druid)blogger, pirate, PvPer
@Happy_Sanblogger, pirate, PvPer
@Iambeastxblogger, missioner, PvPer
@jamesSp – PvPer
@jorshanblogger, industrialist, miner, missioner
@K162spaceblogger, industrialist, miner, wormhole explorer
@Kelduum (Director of Eve University)site, CEO
@KirithKodachiblogger, industrialist, missioner, PvPer, trader, wormhole explorer
@MissionsCollidepodcaster, industrialist, miner, missioner, trader
@Mordozanblogger, missioner, ninja salvager, trader
@Mynxeeblogger, CEO, pirate, PvPer, wormhole explorer
@Novon_, gambler, mercenary, miner, trader
@Pastor Phelpsblogger, missioner, PvPer
@podded101 – missioner, PvPer
@R_Javorskyblogger, missioner
@Retticblogger, PvPer, wormhole explorer
@StMistaken – industrialist, logistics
@vol_jblolazblogger, CEO, industrialist, PvPer
@wensleyblogger, pirate, PvPer

Official CCP Twitters


Eve Resources


Eve Hashtags


Joining the Tweet Fleet

The following criteria must be met for admittance to the Tweet Fleet:

  • Eve-related material.
  • Interesting and relevant information.
  • Regular but not excessive tweets.
  • Frequent interaction with other Eve tweeters.

If you feel qualified for the Tweet Fleet, send a tweet to @00sage00 asking to be admitted. Be aware that admittance is based on qualification, not on the number of spots open.

Spots available: 4.

Recent Changes
2009.10.10 – The Tweet Fleet created, replacing Eve Tweeters.
2009.10.11 – @chocolips added.
2009.10.16 – @AnMiTh, @Crimsoneer, and @eve_riotrick added.

  1. I also have an EvE Online related twitter list but it’s sometimes hard to keep it up-to-date.

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