C’est La Vie

Some days are good…and others aren’t.

The past two weeks, a series of unfortunate events has completely drained my wallet and possessions.

Last week, I undocked from a station in a hauler and died to invisible timers before I could redock; the dropped items were scooped by someone while I was sitting in station. The loss was painful, as not only was 300 million’s worth of T2/meta 4 modules in it, but also all my month’s earnings via PvE and PvP (loot and salvage). That was what prompted this outburst.

Then earlier this week, I was hauling some newly-bought T2 frigates and their fittings to lowsec. Forgetting that my security status was -2.01 due to a recent kill, I stupidly entered a 1.0 system that happened to be on my route. Pop went 80 mil. As I warped out in my pod, I could already see nearby pilots pouncing on the wreck. It was an ironic loss, as I had just proposed a mechanism that would prevent such accidents (for the few who dislike the idea of warning messages: seriously, how difficult is it to just click “Do not warn me again”?).

The net result of the two hauler losses was that my wallet was completely empty and I had no income to fill it. But that was not all.

Yesterday, I was traveling through lowsec when I saw a Tempest on a gate. I informed some friendly pirates, in case they were interested. One of them aggressed him in a battleship, but popped while the Tempest was in structure. Another of his mates arrived in a Rokh and aggressed as well. A Guardian then appeared and began to remote repair the Tempest. Meanwhile, the Rokh started dying. To try to save the Rokh, I came in as well in a neut Dominix. But the sentry guns tore apart my drones, and the Rokh died. Under fire from the sentries and the Tempest, I died shortly afterwards. It was the first battleship I have lost since I was a noob ratting in Providence (well, actually, I did lose an Apocalypse due to autopiloting into Gallente highsec space (I am an Amarr missioner, so the Gallente hate me)).

Upset, I decided to run some level 4 missions to regain some ISK; my wallet was down to 30 mil. I easily cleared the first room of the mission in my usual PVE Abaddon. Upon entering the second room, however, I got warp scrambled. Not a big deal, right? Except…my internet connection died. And stayed dead for over an hour. When I logged back in, I found myself in a pod (to help me feel better, the insurance company kindly gave me a noobship with an entire unit of tritanium). I re-entered the mission deadspace to recover what I could from my wreck but found that a ninja salvager had already salvaged the first room and looted my wreck from the second. Bye bye Abaddon.

The two hauler losses and two battleship losses have completely devastated me. As of right now, I have 50 mil in wallet and no battleships left. So I will have to run level 3 missions in a battlecruiser until I have enough ISK to replace my ships. I will also have to put PvP on hold until my wallet is a bit happier. It is quite disappointing, as I was hoping to become the 5,000th best PvPer on Battleclinic by the end of this year (I am currently at 18,000). Oh well. C’est la vie.

  1. OUCH. Could name this post: “Sage and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month.”

    Do you have a BC fit capable of running IVs? It requires a little more concentration but can be more than cost effective.

    Hope you’re back on your feet soon!

    • I may try a Drake, as it has a nice tank (although DPS is lacking).

  2. You could run lvl 4’s in a battlecruiser though – slower, but still better than level 3’s.

    • Jason
    • November 8th, 2009

    Keep your head up man, I always seem to go in cycles in eve. I’ll pvp until I have nothing left(literally I had 6000isk last time). Then Ill run some ples get some isk and carry on. It will work out.

  3. ouch – tough streak :-(

    But on the other hand this is EVE. You get punished for mistakes and you can only learn from them.

    I am sure you can get up in no time – Drakes are great for L4’s and you can get into a BS after a couple of missions.



    • Feminator
    • November 8th, 2009

    Ouch…. sorry!

    That is some really bad luck there. A royal flush of bad luck, I say.

  4. Drake for level 4’s is what I’d recommend as well. And sorry to hear about such a bad month X_X

  5. Sucks man. Hope you get back on your feet soon.

  6. Wowza! That is quite the streak of bad luck. And the stupid invisible timers don’t help either.

    FWIW, with my current skills I can get 454 dps using HML II’s and Scourge Fury ammo in a Drake with a 251 dps rated omni-tank. Drones aren’t included in that figure, but they’d just be killing off the frigs anyway, even though this does have a painter equipped.

    My vanilla Raven using best-named CML’s and fation ammo does 425 dps without drones and has a 244 rated omnitank. As with the Drake, drone dps isn’t counted since I’m trying for a striaght missile to missile comparison here… and since one generally let’s drones kill frigs instead of firing cruise missiles at them, I think it’s a bit moot anyway ;-)

    But yeah … my Drake has more tank AND gank than my Raven, and I’ve run every L4 in that Raven, including Blockade and the AE4 bonus room. I don’t know where your skills are, but…. I’d say go with the Drake in L4’s, not just L3’s.

    • Tribleck
    • November 10th, 2009

    That’s what I call a bad streak mate.
    But, always good things come out of bad ones.

    You will have 150 million isk in your wallet 10 hs from now (I need to get home to log), enough to get in a nicely fit BS so you can make some isk out of L4s.

    • Thank you, but I sent the ISK back. I am avoiding taking any free help. :)

    • Derek Chambers
    • December 4th, 2009

    1. never engage non-flashys on a gate unless you absolutely have the upper hand.

    2. invisible timers are’t that hard to keep track of. and they aren’t even invisible anymore. there is a yellow aggression timer that shows how much time is left.

    3. mine, don’t mission for isk

    4. pirates keep a very focused eye on their sec status for this very reason.

    ty and sorry for your losses

    • 1. But “absolutely having the upper hand” is boring. Plus I was doing it to help out a friend.

      2. Pre-Dominion, they were not showing up properly.

      3. Mining is even worse than missioning. I’m a PVPer at heart, not a carebear. :P Mining also gives less ISK/hr (unless you’re AFK mining, and I do not get to do that much.).

      4. Heh, I do keep a close tab on my sec status, but sometimes I forget. :(

  7. Sucks Sage, but it happens! You can also turn on the session change timers under the general options tab in the esc menu so you can prevent being session change trapped and also have an idea when your cloak will run out after a jump :)

    Also you should get a little bit more familiar with some of the evelebrities. Geeznow is a noted eve video pvper. He flies often in a well tanked tempest, with slaves and sometimes with a guardian. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in his next movie. Next time pack medium and heavy ECM drones to break his lock and get your friend and yourself out of trouble, especially if you are trickling into a fight 1 BS at a time.

    Drakes can be great level 3-4 mission running boats as mentioned above but so can pretty much all BC sized hulls, well maybe not the Prophecy as much, but everything else, even a passive Ferox can handle most level 4 and all level 3 missions with ease if you HML fit it :)

    Missions get you much more isk/hour than mining if you do them properly, but it is a close race, however I would never mine! The sound of mining lasers makes me want to self-destruct or can-flip MYSELF!

    Just remember it is the setbacks in eve that are often more memorable for the rebound than the victories. Good luck

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