Proposal: KOS Space Warning Messages

I am sure you have seen this warning message that pops up before you enter lowsec or nullsec:

It warns people that they are leaving CONCORD protection; i.e. leaving safe space for “unsafe” space. Similar warning messages should be implemented for when you are about to enter space in which you are Kill On Sight (KOS).

Pilots with a low security status should be given a warning message before entering dangerous highsec space. For example, a pirate with a -2.67 security status should receive this warning prior to jumping into a 0.9 security system: “The destination system is 0.9 security status. This is extremely dangerous as CONCORD police will confront you. Do you want to proceed?”

In addition, pilots with low faction standing (e.g. missioners) should also receive a similar warning message. For example, a Caldari missioner with -5.38 Gallente faction standing should receive this warning message before entering Gallente highsec: “The destination system is Gallente-controlled. This is extremely dangerous as faction police will pursue you. Do you want to proceed?”

Such warning messages could prevent countless fatal mistakes when traveling through New Eden; it is a simple solution to a massive problem.

  1. Hm, yeah good idea. Seems simple and fair enough. Though I’d almost opt to just remove all warnings altogether, just to keep us on our toes.

    But should be all or none, right? Makes sense.

  2. I definitely never understood the double standard here. It’s ok to warn one type of players that they’re probably entering dangerous space where players could attack them but its not ok to warn pirates that theyre entering DEFINITE and CERTAIN danger from NPC’s as well as other players?

    Additionally, I really, really dislike the whole CONCORD system thing where you can accidentally enter the system and then be stuck with a permanent GCC that forces you to lose your ship. If CCP wants punishments for being blinky then thats fine but dont make us at a disadvantage due to bad UI or messaging such as these examples.

    P.S. Invisible timers are a third example of this sort of situation as well.

    • Angus
    • October 26th, 2009

    but then where would the ccp devs get their giggles?

  3. Been caught by this a couple of times, fully agree. Security warnings should always be based on how local system laws apply to you.
    Seems like an easy fix to a problem, wonder why it’s not implemented…

  4. I definitely agree with you on this one. I have not had experience yet with low standings and Concord confrontation, but there is definitely a double standard here…. I dont have much programming background but the little I do have tells me this shouldnt be too hard to implement since there is already a solution of sorts working in game.

    • Gremrod
    • October 26th, 2009

    With the features they are looking at for the future with the treaty stuff they will be able to do that type of warning beyond the CONCORD warning.

    • Hopefully yes. Although the specific messages I am proposing would have to be built into Eve – you don’t make treaties with CONCORD.

  5. I gotta tell you, when I’m fleeing through high sec as a short cut out of low sec to escape my flashy pursuers who might not be brave enough to chase me there, I IN NO WAY want to be stopped by some damn popup warning that stops my progress with information I should already know myself.

    Were something like this implemented, I would emorage unless there was a corresponding ability to turn them off forever in Options (and not just when I encounter the message the first time).

    Not supported.

    • Well, as you stated, it’s a one-time thing to turn off the message. If such a change were implemented, you could just go to a highsec gate, click jump, then click “do not warn me again”. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

      Or they could add it as a checkmark-able option in Settings, grouped with the other notification settings.

      • Well yeah unless I forgot to do that in advance. As a checkbox Setting, I might actually notice it in advance so I could turn it off.

  6. And as most of you know, btw, I am flashy and that will never change.

  7. I like Mynxee’s idea of making the warnings you suggest an option in the UI.

    • Lupus Albus
    • October 26th, 2009

    It would be nice to have this. It took me forever to plot a course around all the damn 1.0 sec systems last time I travelled across hisec.

    • It might be nice if the AP settings let you select the minimum system sec status for a route. Maybe that slider bar on Autopilot Settings does that but I’m not really sure.

    • Yarb
    • October 27th, 2009

    I really don’t think this is necessary, the existing message is needed so that new players are warned of dangerous acts while they learn the game. Does someone who has a -2.67 rating and is already in lowsec really need training wheels?

    • Alagus
    • October 27th, 2009

    very good idea and it should be easily implemented.

    • weeknieunknowing
    • October 27th, 2009

    Agreed with this, I’m getting dangerously close to getting shot my Gallente myself (and I’m of Gallente origin, guess that would eventualy have to happen for defecting to the Caldari, right?)

    And I, as a programmer, don’t see ANY problem with implementing this, IF CPP did a good job at implementing this stuff anyway

  8. +1

    Also, for Faction Warfare. I completely hate the idea of a double standard.

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