Tengu: PVE – Passive Shield, Heavy Missile

Inspired by Karox Lominax’s guide to the Tengu (T3 Strategic Cruiser), I took a jab at making a PVE fit and posted it on Battleclinic. Please let me know what you think. :)


[Tengu, PVE – Passive Shield, Heavy]
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II

Caldari Navy Magnetic Scattering Amplifier
Caldari Navy Magnetic Scattering Amplifier
Caldari Navy Magnetic Scattering Amplifier
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Shield Extender

Heavy Missile Launcher II, Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile

Core Defence Field Purger II
Core Defence Field Purger II
Core Defence Field Purger II

Tengu Defensive – Supplemental Screening
Tengu Offensive – Rifling Launcher Pattern
Tengu Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer
Tengu Engineering – Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Tengu Propulsion – Gravitational Capacitor

Hobgoblin II x5
Warrior II x5

172,008 EHP
76.2/91.6/87.4/78.9 resists
Defence: 1583 ehp/s
Cap stable at 40%
320 DPS, 1650 alpha
231 m/s

Disclaimer: I don’t actually have a Tengu yet. So this is all theoretical; I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who actually flies one.

This fit is intended for acting as a tank in level 5 missions.

The Tengu, being Caldari and a T3 ship, has an amazing tank. Many of the fits on Battleclinic put an active shield tank on it, which is a better way for PVP than a passive shield tank. But of the passive shield tanks, there is this one: http://eve.battleclinic.com/loadout/20661-Tengu-4000-DPS-Tank.html, which advertises a 4,000 DPS tank. However, that’s only 4,000 DPS against thermal damage – the Tengu’s highest resist.

My fit here is similar, except that it has three different subsystems: Tengu Offensive – Rifling Launcher Pattern instead of Accelerated Ejection Bay, Tengu Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer instead of CPU Efficiency Gate, and Tengu Propulsion – Gravitational Capacitor instead of Intercalated Nanofibers. Let me explain why I chose the various subsystems for this fit.

Tengu Defensive – Supplemental Screening. This is a very obvious choice, as it gives the largest base shields and armor, has a shield HP bonus, and has two mid slots. The Adaptive Shielding subsystem has lackluster shield HP and recharge, only 1 mid slot (but 1 high), and the largest signature radius of all the defensive subsystems. The Amplification Node has a shield booster bonus and less HP/s than Supplemental Screening. Warfare Processor has even less HP/s and siege warfare link bonuses.

Tengu Offensive – Rifling Launcher Pattern. This is a bit less obvious. All offensive subsystems add 5 highs and 1 mid. The Accelerated Ejection Bay adds 5 missile hardpoints and has missile bonuses (somewhat like a Cerberus), the Covert Reconfiguration adds 4 (with one slot for a cloak), the Magnetic Infusion Basin has 5 hybrid turret hardpoints and bonuses (like an Eagle), and the Rifling Launching Pattern has an ECM bonus and a few missile bonuses and the ability to have 5 light drones (like a Rook). For PVE, a cloak is fairly useless and hybrids will drain cap and make a passive shield unfeasible. I chose the Rifling Launcher Pattern over the Accelerated Ejection Bay for several reasons. First of all, the drones can come in handy against smaller NPCs. The range bonus for the Accelerated Ejection Bay is not as useful when you are already hitting at 84 km. With Scourge missiles, the Accelerated Ejection Bay has slightly more paper DPS (320 vs 312). However, that’s kinetic damage, which few mission NPCs are weak against. With missiles of any other damage type, DPS drops to 256.

Tengu Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer. The CPU Efficiency Gate adds slightly more CPU with the bonuses, but the Tengu doesn’t have CPU issues. The Obfuscation Manifold is more for ECM ships. The Dissolution Sequencer seems at first to be a better choice than the Emergent Locus Analyzer, but it has 3 mids and 1 low instead of 4 mids. This is important when you actually fit the ship.

Tengu Engineering – Capacitor Regeneration Matrix. Most of the subsystems in this group are pretty horrible. The Augmented Capacitor Reserve has capacitor capacity bonuses, but even with that, has less capacitor than the Capacitor Regeneration Matrix. The Capacitor Regeneration Matrix not only has the highest base capacitor, but it also has recharge bonuses. The Augmented Capacitor Reserve is thus fairly useless for PVE and PVP. The Power Core Multiplier is mainly useful in combination with the Magnetic Infusion Basin for hybrids. The Supplemental Coolant Injector could be good if you overheat a lot, but is otherwise useless.

Tengu Propulsion – Gravimetric Capacitor. These subsystems are also fairly disappointing. The Fuel Catalyst has afterburner speed bonuses, but an afterburner would cripple a passive shield tank’s resist mods. Plus with heavy missiles, range is not an issue. The Interdiction Nullifier has an agility bonus, but has very poor base agility. It makes the Tengu as unwieldy as a battleship. That leaves the Gravitational Capacitor and Intercalated Nanofibers. This is mainly personal preference. You can either have more agility with the Intercalcated Nanofibers (.323 vs .387) or a higher max speed with the Gravitational Capacitor (231 vs 219). I simply used the Gravitational Capacitor as moving to acceleration gates in deadspace can be painful, and the agility doesn’t matter much. Plus the faster warp speed for the Gravitational Capacitor makes warping to/from missions a tiny bit faster (5.2 au/s vs 3.0 au/s).

Now for the actual fitting. Being a passive fit, the lows have Shield Power Relays. The highs have heavy missile launchers. The rig slots have Core Defence Field Purger IIs (the ship is already worth 400+ million and it’s for PVE, so use T2 rigs) for max shield recharge. The mids have 4x Large Shield Extenders and 3 resistance mods. This puts the resists at 76.2/91.6/87.4/78.9 and gives a nice tank of 1,583 omni damage.

Now for why this fit is better than the one mentioned at the beginning of the description:
– First of all, my Offensive subsystem can do better DPS against all damage types.
– Secondly, the Tengu Propulsion subsystem moves slightly faster, warps faster, and uses less cap to warp. Plus my fit is cap stable (the other fit lasts 49m 27s on paper). For those who have missioned with a Drake, you know that this being cap-unstable can be an annoyance. 49m seems like plenty at first. But don’t forget that jumping and warping to a mission will drop your cap quite a bit. And with so little DPS, level 4’s are going to take a while.
– Thirdly, my choice of the Emergent Locus Analyzer is better than the “4,000 DPS tank” fit mentioned earlier. The fit earlier has more raw shield hp/s recharge (343.6 vs 261), but has poor resists (57.9/91.6/87.4/78.9 vs 76.2/91.6/87.4/78.9). The other fit’s shield has the classic EM hole, while mine attempts to seal the hole more.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

    • Randall
    • October 30th, 2009

    I would go for the Augmented Capacitor Reservoir for engineering only because you get an extra launcher if you go with that setup.

    • Tsais
    • March 27th, 2010

    why do people post fittings without having the ship?

    after using EFT to set something up, you should just go to the test server and actually try it for a while.

    • Nick
    • August 19th, 2010

    Aw man! All your other ship fitting guides were excellent, but this one needs quite some work… :(
    First, each race has the native resists and weapon of choice matched to those of the pirate faction it fights (caldari/guristas, gallente/serpentis etc). So if you wanna tank L5 missions (or even 4s etc), it’s best to stick to guristas or even serpentis.
    The EM hole is no problem in general, unless if you are in unsecured space, but still you need mission specific hardeners or you’re toast.
    Damage Types. When you are offered a 20-25% bonus to a certain damage type, you should take it :p also the extra range is always good (combined with the proper electronics subsystem, the Dissolution Sequencer if I’m not mistaken, you can deal some pretty good damage (even though you’re the tanker).
    Your cap should be at 100% (well at 0% mostly in a L5 environment lol), so cap required for warp is insignificant. Agility is good if something happens and you need to leave fast:p However the extra speed is better as you will be slightly speedtanking plus your sig is small anyway.
    Faction modules. T2 works great and doesn’t cost a small fortune. As I’m on vacation I don’t have my exact Tengu fit but I remember having 2-3 LSE II and the rest mission specific hardeners (kin/therm, where u can get rly close to 4k DPS tank). (you fan create damage profiles on EFT, but I’m sure you knew that already:p )
    Keep up the good work, and hey I need some minmatar ship guides for my minnie alt! :D o/

    • Heh, thanks for the input. Yes I do realize now that the Tengu theorycrafting was quite misguided. Hopefully newer guides will make up for it!

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