Yesterday, the pirate group that I’ve been pvping with over the past two weeks banned me from their channels and set me to red. It was a bit unexpected, but now that I look back at it, I should have known all along.

It all started right from the beginning, two weeks ago. I had just won some 1v1s against the corporation’s CEO, Aurical Cryso, and his second most experienced corp mate, CaptainHarlock7. They tried to recruit me to their corp, but I turned down the offer. So instead I got invited to their public channel and went on roams with them.

From then until now, Aurical and Harlock have treated me with hostility. It seems that they viewed me as competition to their “combat prowess”, which they were always sure to flaunt before their “less experienced” corpmates. This led to conflicts between us.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was typical of such a conflict. One of their corp members asked how to fit his Rupture. Aurical gave a fit with three gyrostabilizers. I suggested using two gyrostabilizers and one energized adaptive nano membrane instead, to avoid stacking penalties and boost effective hit points. (Note: conversations have been cut down a bit to ease reading, but I’ve taken care to preserve the meaning)

[ 2009.06.07 05:00:46 ] 00sage00 > hm not bad
[ 2009.06.07 05:01:14 ] 00sage00 > although are 3x gyros worth it?
[ 2009.06.07 05:01:21 ] Aurical Cryso > Ugh
[ 2009.06.07 05:01:28 ] Aurical Cryso > How can you ask something like that
[ 2009.06.07 05:01:38 ] 00sage00 > because of stacking nerfs
[ 2009.06.07 05:01:57 ] Aurical Cryso > 3 is the generally agreed upon optimal number
[ 2009.06.07 05:02:23 ] Aurical Cryso > Go check out battleclinics
[ 2009.06.07 05:02:56 ] 00sage00 > Module Stacking Effectiveness:
1 – 100%
2 – 86.9119980800%
3 – 57.0583143511%
[ 2009.06.07 05:07:12 ] Aurical Cryso > My rupture with Dual 180’s
[ 2009.06.07 05:07:26 ] Aurical Cryso > Does 264 with barrage
[ 2009.06.07 05:07:32 ] Aurical Cryso > if I take off the third Gyro
[ 2009.06.07 05:07:38 ] Aurical Cryso > DPS drops to 238
[ 2009.06.07 05:09:01 ] Aurical Cryso > Sage I am absolutely certain that a third gyro is perfectly worth it
[ 2009.06.07 05:09:20 ] 00sage00 > at only 57% effectiveness, it’s better to put a membrane so you live longer
[ 2009.06.07 05:10:53 ] Aurical Cryso > The gyro is giving me like 30 DPS
[ 2009.06.07 05:11:38 ] CaptainHarlock7 > he just doesnt understand the idea of kill your enemies before they kill you

Orly? Check out the stats.

Aurical’s Fit:
Auricals Fit

My Fit:
My Fit

If the two Ruptures fought each other, the fit I suggested would have killed his and had 2,047 ehp to spare.

Later on, we got into a discussion of what ships we fly. (Note: I was referring to Jaguars because Harlock flies them.)

[ 2009.06.07 05:14:05 ] QueenEmeraldas > i got three ships to choose from, rifter, thrasher, rupture
[ 2009.06.07 05:14:22 ] 00sage00 > i have one ship: rifter
[ 2009.06.07 05:19:42 ] Iuto > you only “pvp” in frigates?
[ 2009.06.07 05:19:48 ] 00sage00 > yeah
[ 2009.06.07 05:20:00 ] 00sage00 > because i know my rifter inside out
[ 2009.06.07 05:20:14 ] QueenEmeraldas > do you have sex with your rifter
[ 2009.06.07 05:20:24 ] 00sage00 > o.O
[ 2009.06.07 05:20:47 ] CaptainHarlock7 > rifter cant beat much
[ 2009.06.07 05:20:53 ] CaptainHarlock7 > nor can it survive long
[ 2009.06.07 05:21:03 ] 00sage00 > not if you fly it well
[ 2009.06.07 05:21:46 ] 00sage00 > in a 1v1, a jag wins over a rifter. that’s given
[ 2009.06.07 05:21:53 ] 00sage00 > but against other ships?
[ 2009.06.07 05:22:11 ] 00sage00 > i’d rather lose 10 rifters getting kills
[ 2009.06.07 05:22:14 ] 00sage00 > than 1 jag
[ 2009.06.07 05:22:38 ] CaptainHarlock7 > so your saying your a cheap skate
[ 2009.06.07 05:23:03 ] 00sage00 > no not a cheap skate. i just think the rifter is more than adequate
[ 2009.06.07 05:23:03 ] CaptainHarlock7 > cause surviablity goes up and its easier to get kills
[ 2009.06.07 05:23:43 ] 00sage00 > if you run into a frig killing cruiser, you’re screwed
[ 2009.06.07 05:23:48 ] 00sage00 > doesn’t matter if you’re in an AF or not
[ 2009.06.07 05:24:36 ] Aurical Cryso > Dear god sage
[ 2009.06.07 05:24:47 ] Aurical Cryso > Go somewhere else and be elitist and condescending

And then I got banned.

Thinking about it more, I think they did me some good by evicting me. I wasn’t learning anything there, and the fleets I went with were quite a disappointment, usually losing as many ships in roams as they killed. I understand that not everyone is successful, but I think they just weren’t very good PVPers at all.

Take a look at their points. According to Eve Wiki, “Killboards use a point system to value the kills, the points are usually based on the type of ship destroyed and the ships destroying it as well as the number of people involved. These points can be used by some killboards to create a rank system which overall shows the value of each player in the corporation.” And according to Griefwatch, “The score is based on the size of the ship killed, the average size of the killing ships, and the number of players involved on the mail.” I’m definitely not saying that this is a perfect indicator of performance. But unlike raw kill/loss scores, it takes into account whether you blobbed (fewer points gained) or were blobbed (like gatecamps), whether you killed a smaller ship (it’s really not that impressive if a battlecruiser instapops a frigate), etc.

Aurical Cryso has -968 points. Ouch. Not even my carebear corp mates have that low of a score.

CaptainHarlock7 has 61 points. That’s pitiful. Even their POS has as much.

Compare that to Ashnazg, a fellow Eve blogger I had the pleasure of roaming with yesterday: 18105 points. Or Wensley: 19960 points. Or Myxnee: 1196 points. Or Spectre: 3223 points. Or Nursultan: 7006 points. Or any of the other countless pirates out there who don’t blog.

So I now being a new phase of my Eve existence. And I’m grateful for those who responded to my Fleet Pewpew plea. The light at the end of the tunnel is lookin’ awfully bright. I might even have to get sunglasses like Wensley. :P

  1. You linked the same fit twice (>>pictures)… just as a sidenote. ^^

    And how the hell do i get like 18k points? :D

    • Ah, thanks. Pictures fixed.

      I’m not sure. I think you can answer that better than I can. :P

  2. My point total is kinda lame compared to the other more active pirates LOL. But at least it’s four digits and positive. I find people who can’t consider another viewpoint without becoming offended or defensive ultimately become unbearable. You’re right–they did you a favor.

    • Rereading this, I realized it sounds a little ambivalent, but rest assured 00sage00, I was speaking in your favor. My “unbearable” comment was in reference to the other guy. The point being, if that’s how defensive he is now, imagine how annoying he’d become over time. You’re well off finding more agreeable people to fly with.

      • Oh no worries. I understood what you meant. And it’s always good to check myself to make sure I’m not behaving similarly. :)

  3. The only time three damage mods is appropriate is if you’re flying a shield tank or your tank is ignored for max DPS. You are totally right that the Rupture above is better off with two Gyros.

    Anyone who is ever “absolutely certain” about a ship fit is almost always certainly mistaken ;)

  4. Lol, good post and very entertaining too.
    Just wondering, your corp is made up of carebears… so are they all in highsec while you putter about in lowsec all alone?

    Also, what area do you hunt?

    • Aye, I’m the only one in lowsec. :<

      I'm currently based in Amamake, although I'm planning on exploring other lowsec areas as well.

      • I think Nursultan has already asked if you’d like to join his corporation… Do it. :D

        /me senses recruitment rivalries coming from Lanissum. *

  5. My recruitment offer is very much valid.
    Checked their Battleclinic points – both have negative;)

  6. Good post, Sage. Its not worth arguing with people who won’t see the other point of view. And don’t let people have a go at you for being a frigate pilot. They’ll learn one way or another and teaching them the hard way is much more fun.

    I’d definitely consider taking Nursultan up on his offer if you want to stay in Amamake. If you fancy coming and having a roam with us over Hevrice way, though, just drop me a line.

    And yes, real men do wear sunglasses in their Rifter.

  7. Rifter > *

    That is all :P

    • Jeneral Jane
    • June 8th, 2009

    “And don’t let people have a go at you for being a frigate pilot. ”

    One of the reasons I left Blood Money Bootcamp. Merin Ryskin came to town, started saying that we needed more BC’s and less Frigates, I said “See ya!”.

    “And yes, real men do wear sunglasses in their Rifter.”

    Women too. =)

    • Weeknieunknowing
    • June 13th, 2009

    I must say, awesome blog you have here, I’ve read it for a little bit now and all your stories or w/e you call them are great:P

    And then this, just, wow lol.
    I can’t say I have more points, I just started with Pvping (in fleets) and i’m at around -140 for getting my Hulk blown up (All the ships I’ve lost, I have lost to pirates:( ).

    Anyway, that those 2 corp leaders have SUCH bad stats (worse than their POS, loool) that’s just soo bad:P

    I hope you find a good corp/fleet once, might you not find anything, you could try applying to EPIME (Epiphyte Mining and Exploration).
    Althoug the name sugests otherwise, that IS a PvP corp and ME (Majesta Empire) IS a PvP alliance.

    And on top of that, we DON’T have -900 leaders:P

    Great stuff, keep writing!
    (sorry for the long comment)

    • Turelle
    • August 6th, 2009

    A pretty amusing read. If those guys don’t want to hear someone else’s opinion, someone who beat them in a fair 1v1, then it’s their loss.

    Out of pure interest, do they ransom? I could understand (read: barely) the negative points IF they had a lot of ISK in ransoms. But, judging by their attitude I guess they’re after the kills, ergo they’re bad PvPers :)

    • Heh actually on one of my 1v1s with Aurical, Harlock came in a Caracal. But I still won. If I remember correctly, he was using heavy missiles…against a frigate.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen them ransom before.

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