Ice Mining

While ratting in 0.0 to raise my sec status, I came across this ice mining operation:

Ice Mining

Ice Mining

Ice Mining

Yes, that’s a Chimera (Caldari carrier). And three Mackinaws. You can almost hear the roids screaming in terror.

Asteroids - Wait Up

Veritas47 > this operation at its current state of macks pulls in 68 million isk an hour
Trina Forrest > to make good isk/hour you need 3 things, duel monitors with a computer that can support 5 accounts, 5 accounts, and lots of movies to stand constant ice mining rofl

Wowwee. Now I understand why “the top 10% of all characters in EVE (64,500 characters in total) hold more than 88% of all ISK in wallets at any given time.”

  1. It is nice to see that the Chimera gets some use.

    The ‘roid pic was so very funny.

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