Fleet Pewpew, Anyone?

Being the sole PVPer in my small carebear corporation, I end up flying solo all the time. Of course, I do get a lot more experience this way, but it also restricts the size of my targets considerably and forces me to be very, very wary of attacking someone, as they could have support. It gets your adrenaline flowing, but also can be stressful at times. So I was wondering, would any of the pirate corporations in Heimatar allow me to fly with them? I don’t care about the loot or anything; I simply desire to pewpew with a larger group.

I’m not particularly amazing at PVP, but I do learn quickly and listen to FC/fleetmates’ instructions. I get along well with others, and keep positive even when incurring losses. I know how to use directional and I’ve scouted and tackled for fleets before. I have no personal feelings against anyone I’ve won or lost to in my brief yarring career, and everyone is fair game for me.

If I do fleet with a corporation, I understand that they have no obligation towards me at all, and can drop me whenever they feel like. I also promise to work wholeheartedly for the fleet as though they were my own corp.

If anyone’s willing to take me on for a test run or two to see if we “synergize”, please comment or evemail me. I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. I hope you’ve enjoyed a roam with us and look forward to x’ing you again.

    • Yes, thanks very much. I loved it. :)

      Oh, and thanks for working out the Vent codec issues. For a moment there I thought I would be voice-deprived.

    • Ahrieman
    • August 13th, 2009

    IMHO, you and everyone in your carebear corp should go take the Agony Unleashed PvP Basic Course (even tho I haven’t been able to get my schedule to match up with any of the class dates yet, lol). Everyone from noobs to competant FC’s takes something positive away from it. I’ve never heard a bad thing about the course or the corps tactics, except people whining about getting ganked by an Agony frig gang :)

    Then, who knows? Maybe some of your corp mates will want to go pew pew. Maybe your corp joins the militia for a month or 2 to get some experience, or your corp decides to join a pvp alliance. I do think that if you REALLY like PvP and you have a tough time doing it in your corp, you should go join a corp that does that. Your corpmates will understand unless they are A**holes.

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