Maelstrom Kill

Today I got a really nice kill, that paid for all the time I’d spent earlier this week fruitlessly searching for targets. While looking for wrecks to salvage (I heard from some pirate friends that they got some isk this way), I saw a Maelstrom on scan. There were only two people in local. Being desperate for a kill, and fairly confident that I could disengage if I chose, I warped my Rifter in to 0 on the belt the Maelstrom was in. I landed 8 km from him, and chuckled in glee when I saw that he was ratting. There were two frigate-sized NPCs and one battleship NPC in the belt.

I quickly scrammed his ship as he tried to align out, then set out to kill his drones, my main threat. I webbed and shot each of the Valkyries and Warriors he set on me. It took about 3 volleys to pop each. For some reason, he didn’t pull in his drones even after I shot them, so that was over fairly quickly. After about five minutes, I had finally killed all of his drones. I had just hit structure by the time I had finished off all his drones, but with the DPS gone, I repped my armor up again. He was vainly trying to shoot me with his 1400mm artillery guns, but that was an impossible task, since I was orbiting at 1000 m.

I then turned my attention to trying to kill him. After a few volleys of Fusion S, I noticed that he was active shield tanking. So I switched to EMP ammo, and found that my DPS increased slightly. But it still wasn’t enough to break the battleship’s tank. I then began to get some agro from the battleship NPC, and watched in horror as my armor started dropping. It had been shooting one of the drones that I had just killed, and now had decided to take me out. Thankfully, it was an Angel Commander, which is a Machariel-esque ship that shoots from about 10 km. Any other ship, and I would’ve had to warp out far, far sooner.

But there was still the issue of actually killing the tackled battleship. I went through my buddy list for anyone who could help me. Then one of my pirate contacts, fluffy22bunny, happened to log on. I quickly contacted him and asked for help. He grabbed a Cerberus that he had six jumps away, and started throwing together some ammo to come help me.

Meanwhile, I began doing some crazy orbiting in an attempt to keep the Angel Commander from killing me. I bumped the Maelstrom, slowly steering him closer to the Angel Commander. The Maelstrom pilot must not have realized what was happening, because he didn’t resist at all. At one point, I lost my point on the Maelstrom for a second or two, but I had just bumped him, so he wasn’t able to finish aligning before i had my point again. Eventually I got the Maelstrom to 7 km from the Angel Commander, which was just enough so that I only got hit when I was on the far side of my orbit from the Angel Commander.

I anxiously checked local while this was going on, afraid that someone would come in. A couple of member of Heretic Nation, Dark Rising, and few other local pirate groups passed through the system, but never popped in for a look. Perhaps they thought I was working with the Maelstrom pilot. After ten minutes, fluffy22bunny finally arrived. He used some EMP missiles that he had, but right when we had gotten the Maelstrom down to 20% shields, he ran out of them.

[ 2009.05.31 00:32:54 ] Fluffy22Bunny > out of em lol
[ 2009.05.31 00:32:59 ] 00sage00 > aw
[ 2009.05.31 00:33:18 ] Fluffy22Bunny > ill move closer and use mega dmg missles
[ 2009.05.31 00:33:24 ] 00sage00 > kk
[ 2009.05.31 00:33:28 ] 00sage00 > don’t take too  long
[ 2009.05.31 00:33:37 ] Fluffy22Bunny > i know i thought that would break it there

While fluffy reloaded, the Maelstrom boosted its shields back to about 40%, but the renewed DPS from the Cerberus eventually killed it. I quickly scrammed and popped the pod. After I scooped as much of the loot as I could get, we saw a Stabber in system. The plan was for me to act as bait and fluffy to come in and pound the Stabber, but he didn’t arrive in time. I popped and lost all the loot I had just gotten (I should’ve dropped it off at a safe…), but I was still too happy about the Maelstrom kill to care. :)

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